Julius Caesar: Selections from the Gallic War

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Classical Studies


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This site contains Latin text, notes, vocabulary, and media for selections from The Gallic War by Julius Caesar, intended for readers of Latin. The selections are those included on the syllabus of the AP Latin course developed by the College Board. Notes were taken from various public domain sources (see Sources of Notes), selected and edited by Christopher Francese in 2010. The audio recordings are by Francese. The map of Gaul was made by Dan Plekhov in 2013. The map animations in the Media fields of 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, and 5.24 were made by Alice Ettling in 2011. The vocabulary lists were originally drafted by Brendan Boston in 2010, and later edited by others to make them conform to the format of the series: only words not in the DCC Core Latin Vocabulary are glossed. Links to Pleiades for places mentioned in the notes were put in by Dan Plekhov and Qingyu Wang in 2013, with help from Pleiades and the Pelagios Project. The creation of this site was made possible by the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies at Dickinson College, at Dickinson's Department of Classical Studies.[from Introduction by Christopher Francese]