Jannes, Jean Japart, and Florence

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Firenze e la Musica: Fonti, Protagonisti, Committenza: Scritti in Ricordo di Maria Adelaide Bartoli Bacherini


The biographies of northern musicians active in late-fifteenth century Italy are notoriously sketchy. These individuals rarely stayed put in one place long (Heinrich Isaac in Florence was an exception), in part because their services were eagerly sought by competing patrons, in part because musical tastes shifted with changes of rule, in part because most of these musicians eventually sought to return to their homeland. When their names are recorded in pay records or manuscript attributions, they are often garbled, Italianized, confused with other composers, and present only as a given name with no patronymic or country of origin. The surviving musical works, even when relatively plentiful, provide clues to their travels and popularity that can be difficult to decipher, and sometimes the popularity of their works seems out of proportion to the obscurity of their lives.

Nearly all of the above is true of the composer generally known as Jean (jannes, Johanne, Johannes) Japart (Japarte, Jappart, Zaparth, Haeppart).


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