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Reference Services Review


Purpose ― The purpose of this paper is to describe the process by which an information literacy laboratory became a graduation requirement of the English major at Dickinson College.

Design/methodology/approach ― A case study with literature review, course description and assessment.

Findings ― The information literacy program described became compulsory for English majors despite all the common challenges cited in the library literature. It also determines that assessment is the most important factor in building successful information literacy programs.

Research limitations/implications ― The process by which the information literacy module became a graduation requirement for English majors demanded persistence and patience. Librarians should be prepared to spend several years imitating the model before similar results would emerge.

Practical implications ― Librarians will be able to model information literacy programs for English/ writing programs after Critical Approaches and Literary Methods Lab, and the methodology is transferable to other disciplines. The process allows librarians to indirectly but effectively influence the college/university governance process.

Social implications ― This case study examines how librarians can have an influence over college/ university curricula by forming strategic partnerships and designing practical assessments.

Originality/value ― Few reports exist in the library literature regarding information literacy programs that have passed through a college/university governance system to become a formal part of the curriculum.


Published as:
Bombaro, Christine. "Overcoming the Barriers to Information Literacy Programs: CALM Lab for English Majors at Dickinson College." Reference Services Review 42, no. 2 (2014): 246-62.

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