Ecocritical and Environmental Approaches: Teaching Victorian Poets and Novelists in the Age of the Internet

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Teaching Victorian Literature in the Twenty-First Century: A Guide to Pedagogy


The volume of which this essay is a part, Teaching Victorian Literature in the 21st Century, is a valuable addition to the literature of teaching at the college and university level. Such a volume is particularly useful in our current era, because too little attention has been paid to important changes in the details of undergraduate education at this particular historical moment: new forms of emphasis on technology, the media, and the details of the technological culture of the future; recent struggles--within the academy--about disciplinary bias and the values of interdisciplinarity, the possibility of new forms of "knowledge creation"; and finally, changes in the structure of post-secondary education that render the bachelor's degree an essential-- but often preliminary (rather than final)--degree. In my own case, I have added to these issues the importance of seeing humanity's relationship to the nonhuman world, the ways that an emphasis on "nature" and "the natural" can help students to appreciate aspects of our planet--the wilderness, animals, plants, and climate--that will play a crucial role in our shared future. Let me explain by offering precise details from a number of my own courses and pedagogical practices.


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