Finding Language Partners in Unexpected Places: Skype and Social Networking for USA-Japan Telecollaboration

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Telecollaboration 2.0: Language, Literacies and Intercultural Learning in the 21st Century


This case study describes the integration of language exchanges into the Japanese program at Dickinson College, USA. The oral synchronous exchanges used Skype, the Japanese social networking site Mixi, and a website developed at Dickinson College specifically for language exchanges, Mixxer. The goal was to prepare students for a study abroad experience by increasing language fluency, familiarity with Japanese culture, and confidence in dealing with native speakers. These technologies helped Dickinson overcome hurdles in setting up exchanges for the Japanese language curriculum such as the time difference between the U.S. and Japan as well as the difficulty beginning students have with written Japanese. The combination of these technologies allowed us to have language exchanges by drawing from a pool of native Japanese speakers on Mixi and Mixxer who were available to speak with students during our class hour.


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