"¿Pero no ves que es marica?" Maxi Rubín and Male Gender/Sexual Deviance in Fortunata y Jacinta

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Hombres en Peligro: Género, Nación e Imperio en la España de Cambio de Siglo (XIX-XX)


This essay argues that the representation of Maximiiano Rubin in Benito Pérez Galdós' 1886-87 novel Fortunata y Jacinta is largely based on typologies of male gender and sexual deviance described in medical texts and popular sexology literature during the second half of the nineteenth century in Spain. My reading of Fortunata y Jacinta places the novel at a crucial place in emerging heterosexual/homosexual definitional categories in Spain, at a time when uneven modernization put many debates about nation, class, gender and sexuality at the forefront. I postulate that the novel questions "stable" notions of male gender and sexuality by invoking those signifiers of deviance that are described in medical and sexological discourses. In Fortunata y Jacinta, these signifiers all cluster around the character of Maxi Rubin.


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