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Spring 2012





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The Wallace Stevens Journal


In 1963, Ted Berrigan founded a poetry journal that would "print anything the editor likes" and "appear monthly" ("Untitled"). He called it C, a title taken from Wallace Stevens' poem "The Comedian as the Letter C. " Berrigan had recently heard Kenneth Koch read this work in a class on Stevens that was "the best lecture I have ever seen or heard on a poet," as he reported in a letter to his wife (Dear Sandy 117). The resulting magazine is one example of how Stevens threaded first- and second-generation authors of the New York School into a weave of twentieth-century influence. Among the pages of C, contributions by John Ashbery, Edwin Denby, Koch, and Frank O'Hara mingled with work from Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Dick Gallup, and Ron Padgett under the banner of Stevens' comedic ghost.


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