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Chasqui: Revista de Literatura Latinoamericana


Within the sphere of Brazilian culture, the public figure of Diogo Mainardi is quite polemic. Mainardi is best recognized in Brazil for his provocative, satirical column in the popular weekly societal magazine Veja and his participation in the weekly television talk show Manhattan Connection. It is from his irreverent column in Veja that Mainardi has achieved national recognition as a controversial critic who tends to offer biting commentary on contemporary issues. His column contronts Brazilian political figures, domestic and foreign politics, and a wide variety of contemporary issues in Brazilian society. The significant time that he has spent outside of Brazil (including a formative overseas experience in the UK in early adulthood, as well as nearly a decade of shared residence between Brazil and Italy) provides him with a unique, almost literal, "foreigner in his own land" perspective on Brazilian society.


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