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The following paper documents a stream restoration/mitigation project within the Letort Spring Run watershed in Cumberland County, PA, that has involved a strong partnership between the Environmental Studies Department at Dickinson College and the community of Carlisle, PA. This project grew out of a concern expressed by the community regarding the impact of stormwater runoff from the town of Carlisle on the ability of the Letort Spring Run to support a native brown trout fishery throughout its extent. Students, under the supervision of Professor Candie C. Wilderman, scientifically documented the impact of urban runoff conveyed through a small tributary, known as the Mully Grub, to the Letort Spring Run. Through a partnership between the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) and the Letort Regional Authority (LRA), grant monies were raised to implement the proposed student project. The restoration project, including a constructed wetland and a wooded riparian zone, was carried out by local volunteers, school groups, businesses, local government, and non-governmental organizations.


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