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Spring 2004





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Journal of Haitian Studies


Michel-Rolph Trouillot's Ti difé boulé sou istoua Ayiti was published in Brooklyn in 1977 by Kolèksion Lakansièl.1 It is a rich and fascinating text that has received very little critical attention to date, probably due to the fact that it is written entirely in Haitian Kreyòl and has not been widely circulated. It seems fitting to pause and reflect on Trouillot's work in 2004, as Haiti's bicentennial is being simultaneously celebrated and debated, since a quarter-century ago Trouillot advocated the very same type of critical reflection that is crucial to the resolution of complex socio-economic and political problems in Haiti today. In short, Ti difé boulé sou istoua Ayiti interrogates the problems of the present day -that is, the Duvalier dictatorship- in Haiti, based on a thorough exploration of the country 's past - the revolutionary period, in particular.


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Also published as "Toussaint enjuiciado: Ti difé boulé sou istoua Ayiti, o el papel del pueblo en la revolución haitiana," in Del Caribe 44 (2004): 39-43.