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Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature


The purpose of this application is to conserve the specific names of Dianulites petropolitana Dybowski, 1877 and Diplotrypa petropolitana Nicholson, 1879 for two Ordovician trepostome bryozoans. In 1830 Pander established the name Favosites petropolitana for what he thought to be a coral, but which Ulrich (1882) pointed out was a bryozoan, now recognized as composite and indeterminable. Dybowski (1877) and Nicholson (1879) mistakenly applied the name petropolitana to two species which have not been considered congeneric since the 191 h century. Suppression of Pander's name is proposed in order to conserve Dybowski's and Nicholson's names which are in current use. A lectotype is proposed for Diplotrypa petropolitana Nicholson, the type species of Diplotrypa Nicholson, 1879.


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