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Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature


We welcome this opportunity to comment on some of the points (above) made by Prof Nils Spjeldnaes who we feel has misunderstood the reason for our application in the first place.
In our application we have simply asked the Commission to set aside the authorship of the specific name petropolitana Pander, 1830, which had been used subsequently as the specific name for two very different bryozoan taxa in the genera Dianulites and Diplotryp&, and to conserve the names and authorship of these specific concepts which are in line with 20th century conceptual usage. This is particularly important given that Diplotrypa petropolitana, in the taxonomic sense of Nicholson (1879), is the type species of Diplotrypa. As it is uncertain what species Pander (1830) originally described, our request has been made in order to avoid potential future confusion over the issue.


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