American Anarchist: Crispin Sartwell

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The American Philosopher: Interviews on the Meaning of Life and Truth


Crispin Sartwell is an American philosopher, an iconoclast, and an anarchist. He also teaches philosophy, political philosophy, and art theory and aesthetics at Dickinson College. He was a student of Richard Rorty and has been very critical of the brand of pragmatism and postmodernism that Rorty represents. Even so, Professor Sartwell identifies strongly with American philosophy and American culture and brings a lively critique grounded in a very personal approach to philosophy that serves as a counterpoint to the rest of the volume. He is the author of Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality, Act Like You Know: African-American Autobiography and White Identity, End of Story, Extreme Virtue: Leadership and Truth in Five Great American Lives, Six Names of Beauty, and Political Aesthetics, among other books.


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Sartwell, Crispin. "American Anarchist: Crispin Sartwell." In The American Philosopher: Interviews on the Meaning of Life and Truth, by Phillip McReynolds, 259-74. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015.

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