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gender/sexuality/italy (G/S/I)


Going it alone. The prevailing research model, especially in the Humanities (the most common institutional location for many Italian Studies programs in North America, where g/s/i is lodged), has called for the lone scholar toiling in service to the monograph. This solitary scholar, as lampooned in caricature, curates their specialist subfield, has seldom engaged in public life (indeed fails to make their research “relevant” to those outside the academy), has been subject to publishing processes that result in the slow circulation of their work, and has cultivated relationships with specific (typically brick and mortar) sites (e.g., archives, collections, and so forth). Sciences, mathematics, and social sciences, on the other hand, have developed systems of attribution that recognize different investments of labor and commitment. In these fields, research is easily understood as collaborative, addressing global challenges, and having a measurable impact. STEM and social sciences colleagues prize open access journals, which favor broad, quick circulation, and accept and place importance on the metrics these journals use to evaluate circulation, citation, and impact. In other words, open access venues are generally accepted and not perceived as “non-standard,” even if, more often than not, they are market- and efficiency-driven.


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