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Fall 2001





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Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad


In her 1998 paper at the Harlaxton College Conference on Study Abroad, "History, Heritage and the Accidental Tourist: What is the role of history in American study abroad programmes?", Judith Dobbs argued that:

Most American study abroad programmes are keen to draw on British heritage as an educational resource. Theatre visits and trips to castles, stately homes and scenic places are often part of the programme. There is often no intention to provide these visits without adequate preparation. They are usually additions to theatre, art and/or architecture courses. There are even history trips. However, these visits can be very subject specific and trips can be taken without a contextual sense of what is going to be seen. To me this is one of the biggest problems American students face in overseas programmes. Without an historical understanding of what they are seeing, they are unable to challenge the stereotypes about British society which they bring with them.


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