Christine Bombaro: Facilitator
Orolando Duffus: Panelist/Presenter
Joe Kohlburn: Panelist/Presenter
Stacey Krim: Panelist/Presenter
Roberto Vargas: Panelist/Presenter

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Digital Project

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Library and Information Services



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ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference


Being an effective ally to marginalized communities is ongoing, difficult work that requires extraordinary commitment, changes in behavior, shifts in library priorities, constant learning, and resilience. Allyship means much more than taking the initial steps of gaining self-awareness and having the intent to speak up if one becomes witness to an act of bias or exclusion. A diverse group of panelists will offer their successful strategies for reducing the effects of bias and inequity that are deeply embedded in the structures of higher education, and by extension, libraries; and to help participants gain the courage necessary to follow good intention with fully-informed action. Panelists will help participants learn to make allyship part of their daily work experiences so that extreme examples of bias and discrimination have fewer opportunities to manifest, and so that participants can help their institutions move closer to the ideal of social justice.

Joe Kohlburn: Negotiating Identity and Managing Emotional Labor

Orolando Duffus: Create Allies and Cultivate an Inclusive Library Structure through Intentional Efforts

Stacey Krim: Creating Student Allies through Archives Instruction

Roberto Vargas: “Checking the Box:” Supporting Diversity Residents/Librarians


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