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Internationalizing the Writing Center provides a rationale, pedagogical plan, and administrative method for developing a multilingual writing center. The book incorporates work from writing center studies as well as second language acquisition studies, including English as a second language; English as a foreign language; second language writing; and foreign language writing. Author Noreen Lape draws on ten years of experience directing a multilingual writing center that offers writing tutoring in eleven languages, and she incorporates the voices and insights of foreign language writing tutors and faculty from surveys, interviews, and tutoring session reports.

Lape begins by exploring the dominance of English-medium writing centers in a globalized world and arguing for the expansion of English-centric into multilingual writing centers. She then considers how tutor training differs when the writing center is multilingual as opposed to monolingual, and the writing is second language and foreign language as well as “native” language. The chapters on tutor training explore issues such as holistic tutoring, composing in a foreign language, the role of translating in the writing process, creating a positive learning environment, and developing intercultural competence. In multiple appendices, Lape shares original exercises that writing center administrators can use to train foreign language writing tutors. The book ends with a discussion of strategies for engaging faculty and administrators as stakeholders, and collaborating with those stakeholders to create a sustainable center.


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