Robert Pound: Relics of Memory


Composer: Robert Pound
Artists: William Ferguson (Tenor), Jonathan Hays (Baritone), & Craig Ketter (Piano)

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Relics of Memory features three of Robert Pound’s song cycles: Relics of Memory, unquiet spirit, and Together and Together. These three song cycles were commissioned in coordination with the awarding of The Stellfox Prize by Dickinson College to Maxine Kumin in 2010 and to Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon in 2014. The double award in 2014 stemmed from unusual and sad circumstances. Seamus Heaney had been notified of the prize and was planning to visit when he died unexpectedly in August 2013. The Stellfox Committee then reached out to Paul Muldoon, not only as a revered artist more than deserving of the honor in his own right, but also as a close friend and colleague of Heaney. Robert Pound composed these songs as homages to the poetry of the three Stellfox Prize laureates. These song cycles composed by Pound, performed by tenor William Ferguson and baritone Jonathan Hays with pianist Craig Ketter, pay magnify, reinforce and elaborate the affect of the poetry and its meaning.

Relics of Memory
Settings of Poems by Seamus Heaney

Relics of Memory: I. Relic of Memory
Relics of Memory: II. At Ardboe Point
Relics of Memory: III. The Given Note
Relics of Memory: IV. Lightenings
Relics of Memory: V. Triptych
Relics of Memory: VI. The Point

unquiet spirit
Settings of Poems by Maxine Kumin

Unquiet Spirit: I. Mulching
Unquiet Spirit: II. Solstice
Unquiet Spirit: III. What You Do
Unquiet Spirit: IV. Ascending
Unquiet Spirit: V. The First Rain of Spring
Unquiet Spirit: VI. Today

Together and Together
Settings of Poems by Paul Muldoon

Together and Together: I. Macha
Together and Together: II. Bigfoot
Together and Together: III. Ireland
Together and Together: IV. Wind and Tree
Together and Together: V. The Avenue
Together and Together: VI. The Weepies


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