Highest Yoga Tantra: An Introduction to the Esoteric Buddhism of Tibet

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This extraordinary book clearly outlines and discusses the methods for transforming both body and mind through the highest forms of tantric practice. Highest Yoga Tantra is the pinnacle of tantric systems found in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Part One discusses the practices common to sutra and tantra. Part Two presents the generation stage of Highest Yoga Tantra. Part Three covers the entirety of the completion stage yogas (i.e., physical isolation, verbal isolation, mental isolation, illusory body, clear light, and union). Part Four compares the Kalachakra and Guhyasamaja stages of completion. Remarkable for its definitive clarity, this exposition of the stages of Highest Yoga Tantra is the first of its kind in the English language and a must for anyone interested in these highest tantras.

In the treasure-house of Tibetan Buddhism, tantra* is the crown and Highest Yoga Tantra* is its jewel. Greatest of the four sets of tantras, the four collections of the Buddha's secret discourses on practices intended for superior adepts, Highest Yoga Tantra is universally praised in Tibet as the Buddha's most profound and wonderful teaching, granting the most proficient of its practitioners the ability to reach the ultimate rank of Buddhahood within just a single lifetime.


Cozort, Daniel Highest Yoga Tantra: An Introduction to the Esoteric Buddhism of Tibet. Boston: Snow Lion, 2005.

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