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Destroying Māra Forever: Buddhist Ethics Essays in Honor of Damien Keown


It is the First Noble Truth: suffering is the problem, the enemy. Life should be joy, not anguish.
Yet on the path to the end of suffering, enemies can be friends. In fact, without suffering, there is no path because there is no motivation. The devas (and their human emulators who are sick with "affluenza") cannot rouse themselves to lifestyle changes and self-analysis because they lack the simple discomforts that stir most of us. And without suffering, there is no character development. As the Dalai Lama likes to say, only your enemy can teach you patience.


From Destroying Mara Forever, edited by John Powers & Charles S. Prebish, ©2009 by John Powers & Charles S. Prebish. Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston, MA.

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