Impact by Intention: An Argument for Forensics as a High-Impact Practice

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Publication Date

Fall 2019


Popel Shaw Center



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National Forensic Journal


This essay locates forensics within national discourse about high-impact practices (HIPs) in higher education, as outlined by scholar George D. Kuh. Forensics shares all the characteristics associated with the ten promising practices Kuh (2008) outlined initially. Though Kuh’s original overview and expanded list of practices (Kuh, 2016) serve as reference points for addressing HIPs, forensics has not been recognized as a HIP. The essay argues that framing forensics as a HIP could enrich advocacy efforts to start and/or sustain current forensics programs. The article connects the fiscal climate with the assessment paradigm, examines the ways forensics adheres to Kuh’s definition, and identifies three ways reframing forensics could enrich advocacy efforts and the visibility of forensics.


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