Artists: Todd Arsenault, Andrew Bale, Anthony Cervino, Ward Davenny, Barbara Diduk.

Authors: Kriston Capps, Brenton Good, Janet Koplos, Jonathan Pappas, Dushko Petrovich, Elizabeth Lee.

Editor: Phillip Earenfight.

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Art and Art History




Catalog of an exhibition presented at the Trout Gallery, Dickinson College, November 14, 2014 - February 14, 2015.


Todd Arsenault: Jackpot / by Dushko Petrovich.

A Sense of Place: The Photographs of Andrew Bale / by Brenton Good.

Anthony Cervino: To Create is to Negate / by Kriston Capps.

Sky Changes Earth: Ward Davenny's Celestial Narratives / by Jonathan Pappas.

Barbara Diduk: On Display / by Janet Koplos.


While the Dickinson studio art faculty—Todd Arsenault, Andrew Bale, Anthony Cervino, Ward Davenny, and Barbara Diduk—all have studios on campus, their art most often appears “elsewhere,” as the exhibition’s title suggests, in galleries along the east coast from Baltimore to New York and Boston as well as in international centers from Madrid to Oslo to Shanghai. For a few short months, the Dickinson community has the rare pleasure of seeing their work exhibited in Carlisle under a single roof at The Trout Gallery.

The sheer variety of objects on display in Elsewhere is one of the show’s greatest strengths and it speaks to the impressive reach and breadth possessed by this group of faculty. While each artist enjoys expertise in a particular medium, whether painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, or ceramics, their work readily expands what any of these categories would seem to convey. [from introduction by Elizabeth Lee]