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Kala Uyuni: An Early Political Center in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin


In order to complement the horizontal excavations being carried out by José Luis Paz and Maria Soledad Fernandez in the Kala Uyuni area, we opened a single 2x2 meter unit, N894/E639, with the intention of reaching sterile and obtaining a sample of the entire occupational history of this area (for a map of the KU area, see figure 3.1). In doing so, we hoped to find a complete chronology of the Formative period, particularly the transition between the Middle (Late Chiripa) and Late Formative, since this has not yet been properly dated. Another goal was to get a good chronological sample of Late Formative ceramics so as to better understand and differentiate the two most commonly recognized periods, Late Formative 1 and Late Formative 2 (see Steadman this volume).


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