Publications from 2021

The Great Recession and Physical Activity of Young Adults, Shamma Adeeb Alam and Bijetri Bose


The Relationship Between Working Alliance with Peer Mentors and Eating Psychopathology in a Digital 6-Week Guided Self-Help Intervention for Anorexia Nervosa, Gaia Albano, Valentina Cardi, Dennis M. Kivlighan Jr., Suman Ambwani, Janet Treasure, and Gianluca Lo Coco

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? Language of Transnational Affect in the Letters of Portuguese Migrants, Marcelo J. Borges

Emotional Landscapes: Love, Gender, and Migration, Marcelo J. Borges, Sonia Cancian, and Linda Reeder

Introduction, Marcelo J. Borges, Sonia Cancian, and Linda Reeder

Advice for First-Year Seminar Instructors, Jennifer Bowen, Mark Kozek, Pamela Pierce, and Jennifer B. Schaefer

The Rise and Fall of Wiñaymarka: Rethinking Cultural and Environmental Interactions in the Southern Basin of Lake Titicaca, Maria C. Bruno, José M. Capriles, Christine A. Hasdorf, Sherilyn C. Fritz, D. Marie Weide, Alejandra I. Domic, and Paul A. Baker

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What A Feeling! Painting and The Origin of “Nothing to do With Dionysus”, Scott T. Farrington

Listening for Affect: Musical Ethnography and the Challenge of/to Affect, Lila Ellen Gray

Acoustic Levitation and the Acoustic Radiation Force, David P. Jackson and Ming-Hua Chang

Red and Risk Preferences: The Effects of Culture and Individual Differences, Feng Jiang and Rui Zhang


Wild Bees as Winners and Losers: Relative Impacts of Landscape Composition, Quality, and Climate, Melanie Kammerer, Sarah C. Goslee, Margaret R. Douglas, John F. Tooker, and Christina M. Grozinger

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An Urgent Call to Collect Data Related to COVID-19 and Indigenous Populations Globally, Alistair Mallard, Maria Amalia Pesantes, Carol Zavaleta-Cortijo, and James Ward

»Barbara«: Images of Outsiders in Christian Petzold's Film and Hermann Broch's Novella, Sarah McGaughey


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Mathematical Themes in a First-Year Seminar, Jennifer B. Schaefer, Jennifer Bowen, Mark Kozek, and Pamela Pierce

Demographic, Attitudinal, and Social Factors That Predict Pro-Environmental Behavior, Meredith A. Smith and Sharon Kingston

Peach State, Adrienne Su

Stirring the Pot of Haitian History, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Mariana F. Past, and Benjamin Hebblethwaite

Outcomes for Adults with Anorexia Nervosa Who Do Not Respond Early to Outpatient Treatment, Tracey Wade, Suman Ambwani, Valentina Cardi, Gaia Albano, and Janet Treasure

Publications from 2020

Documenting the Geometry and Magnitude of Shortening at the Allegheny Front: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States, Ashley Ace, Nadine McQuarrie, Peter B. Sak, Robert Grundy, and Barrett Lavergne


Did the Great Recession Affect Fertility? Examining the Impact of Job Displacements on the Timing of Births in the United States, Shamma Adeeb Alam and Bijetri Bose

Prenatal Maternal Stress and Child Hair Cortisol Four Years Later: Evidence from a Low-Income Sample, Nicholas V. Alen, Camelia E. Hostinar, Nicole E. Mahrer, Stephen R. Martin, Christine M. Guardino, Madeleine U. Shalowitz, Sharon L. Ramey, and Christine Dunkel Schetter


A Multicenter Audit of Outpatient Care for Adult Anorexia Nervosa: Symptom Trajectory, Service Use, and Evidence in Support of "Early Stage" Versus "Severe and Enduring" Classification, Suman Ambwani, Valentina Cardi, Gaia Albano, Li Cao, Ross D. Crosby, Pamela Macdonald, Ulrike Schmidt, and Janet Treasure


“It’s Healthy Because It’s Natural.” Perceptions of “Clean” Eating among U.S. Adolescents and Emerging Adults, Suman Ambwani, Gina Sellinger, Kelsey L. Rose, Tracy K. Richmond, and Kendrin R. Sonneville


Microwave-Assisted Cleavage of Cysteine Perfluoroaryl Thioethers, Taylor N. Bednar, Alissa R. Resnikoff, and Jason Gavenonis


Use of Visual Surveys and Radiotelemetry Reveals Sources of Detection Bias for a Cryptic Snake at Low Densities, Scott M. Boback, Melia G. Nafus, Amy A. Yackel Adams, and Robert N. Reed


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action: Planning, Leadership, and Programming, Christine Bombaro


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action: Planning, Leadership, and Programming: Introduction, Christine Bombaro


Exploring the Ways in Which COVID‐19 and Lockdown Has Affected the Lives of Adult Patients with Anorexia Nervosa and Their Carers, Danielle Clark Bryan, Pamela Macdonald, Suman Ambwani, Valentina Cardi, Katie Rowlands, Daniel Willmott, and Janet Treasure

Classifying the Orbits of the Generalized Symmetric Spaces for SL2(Fq), C. Buell, A. Helminck, V. Klima, Jennifer B. Schaefer, C. Wright, and E. Ziliak

Magmatic Stoping During the Caldera-Forming Pomici di Base Eruption (Somma-Vesuvius, Italy) as a Fuel of Eruption Explosivity, Gianmarco Buono, Lucia Pappalardo, Chris Harris, Benjamin R. Edwards, and Paola Petrosino

A High-Diversity/IPM Cropping System Fosters Beneficial Arthropod Populations, Limits Invertebrate Pests, and Produces Competitive Maize Yields, Anna K. Busch, Margaret R. Douglas, Glenna M. Malcolm, Heather D. Karsten, and John F. Tooker


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Treatment for Eating Disorders in a Post‐COVID World: The Case of TRIANGLE, Valentina Cardi, Daniel Willmott, Suman Ambwani, Katie Rowlands, Danielle Clark Bryan, and Janet Treasure

African American Fathers' Coping Patterns: Implications for Father-Son Involvement and Race-Related Discussions, Shauna M. Cooper, Paul A. Robbins, Marketa Burnett, Margarett McBride, Janae Shaheed, and Naila A. Smith

The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative History, Martin Crotty, Neil J. Diamant, and Mark Edele


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Land Use Planning, Dispossession and Contestation in Goa, India, Solano Da Silva, Kenneth Bo Nielsen, and Heather Plumridge Bedi


The Crowding Out Effect of Out-of-Pocket Medication Expenses of Two Major Non-Communicable Diseases in Pakistan, Biplab K. Datta, Muhammad J. Husain, and Sohani Fatehin

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The Body and Incorporeal Signifier of ‘Andrés Bello’, and the 2011 Chilean Student Movement, Angela N. DeLutis-Eichenberger


County-Level Analysis Reveals a Rapidly Shifting Landscape of Insecticide Hazard to Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) on US Farmland, Margaret R. Douglas, Douglas B. Sponsler, Eric V. Lonsdorf, and Christina M. Grozinger

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State and Local Taxes and Employment by Wage Level, Sohani Fatehin and David L. Sjoquist


Disrupting Negative Developmental Trajectories Using Evidence-Based Preventive Interventions for Children with a Substance Dependent Caregiver, Diana Fishbein and Sharon Kingston

Emotion and Gender in Personal Narratives, Robyn Fivush and Azriel Grysman


Computational Comparison of Exact Solution Methods for 0-1 Quadratic Programs: Recommendations for Practitioners, Richard J. Forrester and Noah Hunt-Isaak

Collaboration Among Agents of a Human System to Create Distributed Value, Michael J. Fratantuono


Collaboration to Counter Fresh Water Scarcity and Promote Human Security, Michael J. Fratantuono, Sarah House, and Sam Weisman

Narrative Characteristics of Autobiographical Memory Predict Expectations of Narrator Gender, Azriel Grysman

Narrative Methods in Autobiographical Memory, Azriel Grysman and Cade D. Mansfield

Reconciling Chemical Weathering Rates Across Scales: Application of Uranium-Series Isotope Systematics in Volcanic Weathering Clasts from Basse-Terre Island (French Guadeloupe), Jiye Guo, Lin Ma, Jerome Gaillardet, Peter B. Sak, Yvette Pereyra, and Jacqueline Engel

Arnold Fanck, He Directed Glaciers, Storms, and Avalanches: A Film Pioneer Recounts (1973)---Excerpts, Kamaal Haque

Franz Hohler’s Die Steinflut: The Lessons of Man-Made Ecological Catastrophe, Kamaal Haque

The Flavors Archaeobotany Forgot, Christine A. Hastorf and Maria C. Bruno


Sowing Uncertainty: What We Do and Don’t Know about the Planting of Pesticide-Treated Seed, Claudia Hitaj, David J. Smith, Aimee Code, Seth Wechsler, Paul D. Esker, and Margaret R. Douglas


Make a UNESCO and ACRL Learning Goals Sandwich: Connecting Sustainability Education and Information Literacy Instruction to Solve Global Problems, Jessica L. Howard and Maiko Arashiro

An Historical Geoarchaeological Approach to Sourcing an Eighteenth Century Building Stone: Use of Aquia Creek Sandstone in Christ Church, Lancaster County, VA, USA, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Spencer B. Lieber; and Robert J. Teagle

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Quantifying Shortening Across the Central Appalachian Fold-Thrust Belt, Virginia and West Virginia, USA: Reconciling Grain-, Outcrop-, and Map-Scale Shortening, Daniel Lammie, Nadine McQuarrie, and Peter B. Sak


Internationalizing the Writing Center: A Guide for Developing a Multilingual Writing Center, Noreen Groover Lape

Single Laboratory Experiment Integrating the Synthesis, Optical Characterization, and Nanocatalytic Assessment of Gold Nanoparticles, Nathaniel E. Larm, Jeremy B. Essner, Jason A. Thon, Nakara Bhawawet, Laxmi Adhikari, Sarah K. St. Angelo, and Gary A. Baker


One 19th-Century Artist’s Effort to Grapple with Tuberculosis Resonates During COVID-19, Elizabeth Lee

Biogas Digestate as a Renewable Fertilizer: Effects of Digestate Application on Crop Growth and Nutrient Composition, Maxwell E. Lee, Matthew W. Steiman, and Sarah K. St. Angelo

Diet Pill and Laxative Use for Weight Control and Subsequent Incident Eating Disorder in US Young Women: 2001-2016, Jordan A. Levinson, Vishnudas Sarda, Kendrin Sonneville, Jerel P. Calzo, Suman Ambwani, and S. Bryn Austin

Using Computer Programs and Search Problems for Teaching Theory of Computation, John P. MacCormick


How Popular Culture Hobbles Protest Movements, Chauncey Maher

Maternal Stress Before Conception Is Associated with Shorter Gestation, Nicole E. Mahrer, Christine Guardino, Calvin J. Hobel, and Christine Dunkel Schetter

Pregnancy Anxiety in Expectant Mothers Predicts Offspring Negative Affect: The Moderating Role of Acculturation, Nicole E. Mahrer, Isabel F. Ramos, Christine Guardino, Elysia Poggi Davis, Sharon L. Ramey, Madeleine Shalowitz, and Christine Dunkel Schetter


Flip and Neimark–Sacker Bifurcations in a Coupled Logistic Map System, A. Mareno and Lars Q. English

Is Economics STEM? Trends in the Discipline from 1997 to 2018, Emily C. Marshall and Anthony Underwood

An Experiment in ,Zivilisationskritik': Carl Dallago and Hermann Broch's Vision of Nature in Die Verzauberung, Sarah McGaughey


Bumble Bees in Landscapes with Abundant Floral Resources Have Lower Pathogen Loads, Darin J. McNeil, Elyse McCormick, Ashley C. Heimann, Melanie Kammerer, Margaret R. Douglas, Sarah C. Goslee, Christina M. Grozinger, and Heather M. Hines

Confronting Self-Discrepant Events: Meaning-Making and Well-Being in Personal and Political Narratives, Hannah Brier Meisels and Azriel Grysman

Diagnosing Malaysian Multiculturalism: Jo Kukathas and The 1Malaysia Virus, Sheela Jane Menon

Time to Embrace, Not Shun, Malaysia’s Migrant Community: Malaysia Should Recognize our Shared Humanity and Welcome Neighbors in Need, Sheela Jane Menon

Late Sam See, Wendy Moffat

The Archival “I”: Forster, Isherwood, and the Future of Queer Biography, Wendy Moffat

Network Intervention Analysis to Assess the Trajectory of Change and Treatment Effects Associated with the Use of Online Guided Self-Help for Anorexia Nervosa, Alessio Maria Monteleone, Valentina Cardi, Suman Ambwani, Giammarco Cascino, Gaia Albano, Francesca Pellegrino, and Janet Treasure

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