Publications from 2020

Documenting the Geometry and Magnitude of Shortening at the Allegheny Front: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States, Ashley Ace, Nadine McQuarrie, Peter B. Sak, Robert Grundy, and Barrett Lavergne

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Publications from 2019


The Record of the Transition From an Oceanic Arc to a Young Continent in the Talamanca Cordillera, Esteban Gazel, Jorden L. Hayes, Andres Ulloa, Aristides Alfaro, Drew S. Coleman, and Michael J. Carr


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Publications from 2018

Lead Isotopes as Particulate Contaminant Tracers and Chronostratigraphic Markers in Lake Sediments in Northeastern North America, Carol A.L. Cheyne, Alyson M. Thibodeau, Gregory F. Slater, and Bridget A. Bergquist


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Publications from 2017

Canyon Creek Revisited: New Investigations of a Late Prehispanic Turquoise Mine, Arizona, USA, Saul L. Hedquist, Alyson M. Thibodeau, John R. Welch, and David J. Killick

Bryozoan Epibiosis on Fossil Crabs: A Rare Occurrence From the Miocene of Iran, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Matúš Hyžný; Erfan Khosravi; Natalia Hudáčková; Ninon Robin; and Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi

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Do Mercury Isotopes Record the Signature of Massive Volcanism in Marine Sedimentary Records?, Alyson M. Thibodeau and Bridget A. Bergquist

Publications from 2016

Quantifying Chemical Weathering Rates Along a Precipitation Gradient on Basse-Terre Island, French Guadeloupe: New Insight From U-series Isotopes in Weathering Rinds, Jacqueline M. Engel, Lin Ma, Peter B. Sak, Jerome Gaillardet, Minghua Ren, Mark A. Engle, and Susan L. Brantley


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Publications from 2015

Overview of the Precursors and Dynamics of the 2012–13 Basaltic Fissure Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia, Alexander Belousov, Marina Belousova, Benjamin R. Edwards, Anna Volynets, and Dmitry Melnikov

The Tolbachik Volcanic Massif: A Review of the Petrology, Volcanology and Eruption History Prior to the 2012–2013 Eruption, T.G. Churikova, B.N. Gordeychik, Benjamin R. Edwards, V.V. Ponomareva, and E.A. Zelenin

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Publications from 2014


Propagation Style Controls Lava-Snow Interactions, Benjamin R. Edwards, A. Belousov, and M. Belousova

The Ridges of Europa: Extensions of Adjacent Topography onto their Flanks, Richard Greenberg and Peter B. Sak

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Significance of the Deformation History within the Hinge Zone of the Pennsylvania Salient, Appalachian Mountains, Peter B. Sak, Mary Beth Gray, and Zeshan Ismat

Reply to Letter on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments.'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak

Response to O’Reilly’s Second Letter to the Editor on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak

Epizoic Bryozoans on Cephalopods Through the Phanerozoic: A Review, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Marcus M. Key, Jr.

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Publications from 2013

Another "Great Tolbachik" Eruption?, Benjamin R. Edwards, Alexander Belousov, Marina Belousova, Anna Volynets, Dmitry Melnikov, Sergey Chirkov, Sergey Senyukov, Evgenii Gordeev, Yaroslav Muraviev, Pavel Izbekov, and Yury Demianchuk

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Neogene Rejuvenation of Central Appalachian Topography: Evidence for Differential Rock Uplift From Stream Profiles and Erosion Rates, Scott R. Miller, Peter B. Sak, Eric Kirby, and Paul R. Bierman

Pyroclastic Passage Zones in Glaciovolcanic Sequences, James K. Russell, Benjamin R. Edwards, and Lucy A. Porritt


Not All Sponges Will Thrive in a High-CO2 Ocean: Review of the Mineralogy of Calcifying Sponges, Abigail M. Smith; Jade Berman; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; and David J. Winter

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Publications from 2012

The Effect of Curvature on Weathering Rind Formation: Evidence from Uranium-Series Isotopes in Basaltic Andesite Weathering Clasts in Guadeloupe, Lin Ma, Francois Chabaux, Eric Pelt, Mathieu Granet, Peter B. Sak, Jerome Gaillardet, Marina Lebedeva, and Susan L. Brantley

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Lead Isotope Analysis as a New Method for Identifying Material Culture Belonging to the Vázquez de Coronado Expedition, Alyson M. Thibodeau, John T. Chesley, and Joaquin Ruiz

An Alternative Approach to the Prehispanic Turquoise Trade, Alyson M. Thibodeau, John T. Chesley, Joaquin Ruiz, David J. Killick, and Arthur Vokes

Publications from 2011

Soil Profiles as Indicators of Mineral Weathering Rates and Organic Interactions for a Pennsylvania Diabase, E.M. Hausrath, A.K. Navarre-Sitchler, Peter B. Sak, J.Z. Williams, and S.L. Brantley

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Publications from 2010

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Publications from 2009


C14 Age Control on a Rappahannock Native American Site on Totuskey Creek (44RD0206) in Richmond County, Virginia, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Steven Vaughn; Todd H. Davis; and William Parr

Publications from 2008

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Publications from 2007

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The Strange Case of the Earliest Silver Extraction by European Colonists in the New World, Alyson M. Thibodeau, David J. Killick, Joaquin Ruiz, John T. Chesley, K. Deagan, J.M. Cruxent, and W. Lyman

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Publications from 2006

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Publications from 2005

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Publications from 2004

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