Theses from 2016

Short-Term Climate Cycles, Recent Climate Changes, and Volcano-Ice Hazards : Nevado Coropuna, Arequipa, Peru, William Hardy Kochtitzky

Theses from 2014

Thermal Evolution of Subglacial Pillow Lava at Undirhlíðar Quarry, Southwestern Iceland, Ellen Hope Was

Theses from 2012

Organic-Poor Neoarchean Banded Iron Formation from the Slave and North China Cratons, Breana Marquette Hashman

Growth of Rye in Icelandic Volcanic Ash, William Lyle Seward

Theses from 2010


Recurrence and Flow Direction of Glaciers Across the Kawdy Plateau, Northern British Columbia, Gwen Elizabeth Dunnington


Homogeneity of the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Canadian Cordillera: Petrographic Study of Xenoliths from Craven Lake, BC, Christine E. Miller


A Study of Progressive Deformation in the Hinge of the Pennsylvania Salient; Southern Valley and Ridge Province, Perry County, PA, Marci Allison Wills