Theses from 2019

Relating Diatom Community Shifts to Environmental Change in Icelandic Freshwater Lakes, Lydia Fox

Soil, Adelgids, and the Health of Eastern Hemlock Trees, Yeuli Liang

The Effects of Dissolved Organic Carbon on Methane Cycling in Lakes, Madie Ritter

Climate Change and Local Governments: A Case Study in Pennsylvania Water Management and Planning, Olivia Termini

The Role of Methanotrophs in Aquatic Food Webs, Josie Verter

Theses from 2018

Size distribution in eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) populations, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania, Nicholas Gabuzda

Theses from 2017

Aquatic Citizen Scientist Motivations: Implications for Civil Society, Natalie McNeill


Long-Term Records of Climate-Induced Changes in the Zooplankton of West-Greenland Lakes, Helen Schlimm

Theses from 2016

Differing Seasonal Succession of Phytoplankton in Lakes with High and Low Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations: Implications for Long-Term Community Shifts, Tiffany Lee Chin

The Effects of Extreme Rain Events on Water Transparency and Stratification in Central Pennsylvania Reservoir Ecosystems, Max Egener

Garlic Mustard: Impacts on Understory Diversity and Competitive Interactions, Rachael Anne Sclafani

Theses from 2015


Impact of the Built Environment on Youth Mentorship, Madison Grace Beehler


Privilege and the Food Environment in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Alexandra Gabrielle Raczka

Socioeconomic Status and Exposure to Chemical Flame Retardants, Caryn Marie Sennett

Implementing Transit in Towns: A Case Study of the Carlisle Circulator, Joan Marie Smedinghoff

Reconstructing the Effects of Multiple Stressors on Algal Communities in Lakes with Differing Concentrations of Dissolved Organic Carbon, Tabea Klassen Zimmermann

Theses from 2014


Alternative Treatments For Haemonchus Contortus in Sheep: Testing of a Natural Dewormer and Literature Review of Management Methods, Emily Ann Bowie

The Nitrogen Footprint of Dickinson College, Elizabeth Harrity de la Reguera

Factors Affecting the Distribution of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges Tsugae) Cumberland Valley Area, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Jill Marie Hautaniemi


Quantifying and Understanding Ecological Literacy: A Study of First Year Students at Liberal Arts Institutions, Anna Elizabeth McGinn

Theses from 2013


Assessment of IPM HUB Strategy on the Dickinson College Farm, Annaliese Marie Ramthun


Community Engagement and Perceptions of Brownfield Redevelopment in Carlisle, PA., Taylor Marie Wilmot

Theses from 2012


Effects of Vermicompost in Potting Soils and Extract Foliar Sprays on Vegetable Health and Productivity, Anna Rose Farb


Evaluation of the Impact of Land Use Change on Stream Flow of Monocacy Creek, Northampton County, PA, Junxing Lan

Theses from 2011

Population and Nesting Ecology of Painted Turtles (Chrysemys Picta) in Pennsylvania, Lily Margaret Bieber-Ham

The Effects of an Altered Forest Composition Due To White-Tailed Deer Herbivory on the Condition of a Pennsylvania Headwater Stream Ecosystem Within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Perry County, Pennsylvania, Kerstin Elisabeth Martin