Publications from 2018

Highland Tales in the Heart of Borneo: Postcolonial Capitalism, Multiculturalism, and Survivance, Sheela Jane Menon

Publications from 2017

Celebration and Longing: Robert Browning and the Nonhuman World, Ashton Nichols

Ecocritical and Environmental Approaches: Teaching Victorian Poets and Novelists in the Age of the Internet, Ashton Nichols


Henry David Builds His Hut, Ashton Nichols

The Fall of Lisa Bellow, Susan Perabo

Should You Feel Sad About the Demise of the Handwritten Letter?, Siobhan K. Phillips

The Students of Marianne Moore: Reading the Ugly History of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Where the Poet Taught, Siobhan K. Phillips

Publications from 2016

Connected Viewing, Jennifer Holt, Gregory Steirer, and Karen Petruska

Introduction: The Expanding Landscape of Connected Viewing, Jennifer Holt, Gregory Steirer, and Karen Petruska

Sectarianism in The Ceremonial Law, Carol Ann Johnston


Fostered by Fear: Affect and Environment in Romantic Nature Writing, Ashton Nichols

"Urbanatural Roosting" in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney, Ashton Nichols

Why They Run the Way They Do: Stories, Susan Perabo

Publications from 2015

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Alex Bates, Shawn Bender, Claire Seiler, W. Evan Young, and Shogo Nishikawa

The Victorian Family in Queer Time: Secrets, Sisters, and Lovers in The Woman in White and Fingersmith., Lauren N. Hoffer and Sarah E. Kersh


The Poems of Michael Field, Sarah E. Kersh and Todd Bryant


Beauty Work: Lessons in Ballet, Siobhan K. Phillips


Food Work, Siobhan K. Phillips


Intoxicating Women: Travels in Gin and Gender, Siobhan K. Phillips

Lorine Niedecker's Republic of Letters, Siobhan K. Phillips

Manner and Morals, Siobhan K. Phillips


Paying Homage to a Great American Poet: While Henry David Thoreau Preached Simplicity, Lorine Niedecker Simply Lived It, Siobhan K. Phillips


Political Poeticizing: ‘The Gift Outright’ and How Poetry is Built On Problems, Siobhan K. Phillips


Robert Frost and Tradition, Siobhan K. Phillips

San Francisco, Siobhan K. Phillips

Writing Analytically: Instructor's Manual, David Rosenwasser, Jill Stephen, and Sarah E. Kersh

Addison, Joseph, Jacob Sider Jost

Prose Immortality, 1711-1819, Jacob Sider Jost

Young, Edward, Jacob Sider Jost


"The Price of Existence is Eternal Warfare": Industrial Masculinity and Coil, Gregory Steirer

Publications from 2014

False Starts: The Rhetoric of Failure and the Making of American Modernism, David M. Ball

World War I: The Consequences, David Commins, Dominique Laurent, Douglas Mastriano, Wendy Moffat, and Crystal Moten

PTSD: A Panel Discussion, Kimberly Dozier, Wendy Moffat, Rebecca Porter, and David Wood


Bishop's Correspondence, Siobhan K. Phillips


Notes on a Chronic Illness, Siobhan K. Phillips


David Hume, History Painter, Jacob Sider Jost

The Personal Media Collection in an Era of Connected Viewing, Gregory Steirer

Publications from 2013


The Tomato Packer's Recess, Carol Ann Johnston


A Reflection on the Work of Late Yale Professor Sam See, Sarah E. Kersh


Wordsworth as Environmental "Nature" Writer, Ashton Nichols

Hume the Sociable Iconoclast: The Case of the Four Dissertations, Jacob Sider Jost and John Immerwahr

Publications from 2012

Assateague Island Memories, Ashton Nichols


Elizabeth Bishop and the Ethics of Correspondence, Siobhan K. Phillips


Stevens and an Everyday New York School, Siobhan K. Phillips

From Initiate to Individual: Grand Tour Narrative and Lejeunian Autobiography, Jacob Sider Jost

Hamlet's Horatio as an Allusion to Horace's Odes, Jacob Sider Jost

Publications from 2011


Eudora Welty and the Poetry of W. B. Yeats Before and After The Golden Apples, Carol Ann Johnston

Readings by Ellen McLaughlin, Ellen McLaughlin


A Vocation, Siobhan K. Phillips


Certainty; The Storm Garden; Millet's Winnower; Domestication, Siobhan K. Phillips

Don Quixote in the Hudson Valley, Siobhan K. Phillips

The Afterlife and The Spectator, Jacob Sider Jost

Publications from 2010


Hank Williams Sings Songs of Lonely Love, Carol Ann Johnston


Theorizing Typography: Printing, Page Design, and the Study of Free Verse, Carol Ann Johnston


At War, Siobhan K. Phillips


Cold, Siobhan K. Phillips


Inventions, Siobhan K. Phillips


Photographer in a Small Town, Siobhan K. Phillips

The Poetics of the Everyday: Creative Repetition in Modern American Verse, Siobhan K. Phillips

Publications from 2009


Giving Up Green, Siobhan K. Phillips

Hume's Four Philosophers: Recasting the Treatise of Human Nature, Jacob Sider Jost

Johnson on Torture: A Legal Footnote to the Life, Jacob Sider Jost

Detective Fiction in the First-Year Seminar, Robert P. Winston and Judy Gill

Publications from 2008

The Daily Living of Robert Frost, Siobhan K. Phillips

Wallace Stevens and the Mode of the Ordinary, Siobhan K. Phillips

Taking Care of the Future: Business Letters, Wallace Stevens and Siobhan K. Phillips

"A Duty to Care": Denise Mina's Garnethill Series, Robert P. Winston

Publications from 2007

Masquing/Un-Masquing: Lambeth MS. 1360 and a Reconsideration of Traherne’s 'Curious' Visual Language, Carol Ann Johnston

Publications from 2003


Sex and the Southern Girl: Eudora Welty’s Critical Legacy, Carol Ann Johnston


'The Treasure Most Dearly Regarded By Me': Eudora Welty's Massey Lectures in the History of American Civilization, Carol Ann Johnston and Martha Porter Sellers

Publications from 2002

Eudora Welty, Carol Ann Johnston

The Shadows of History: The “Condition of England” in Nice Work, Robert P. Winston and Timothy Marshall

Publications from 2001


Heavenly Perspectives, Mirrors of Eternity: Thomas Traherne's Yearning Subject, Carol Ann Johnston


Playing the Rio Palm Isle, Carol Ann Johnston


The Arab, Carol Ann Johnston


Discipline and Interdiscipline: Approaches to Study Abroad, Robert P. Winston

Erasing the City: Criminality, Sexuality, and Maternity in S.T. Haymon's Ben Jurnet Series, Robert P. Winston


Travelers and Tourists: Rules of Engagement in William McIlvanney's Detective Fiction, Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1998

Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, Nancy C. Mellerski and Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1996

An Interview with J.S. Borthwick, Part II, Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1995

An Interview with J.S. Borthwick, Part I, Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1994


J.S. Borthwick, Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1989

The Detective in the Intertext: Freeling's Dialogue with Chandler, Robert P. Winston and Nancy C. Mellerski

Publications from 1986

Sjowall and Wahloo's Brave New Sweden, Nancy C. Mellerski and Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1984

Bird's Bloody Romance: Nick of the Woods, Robert P. Winston

Chaucer's Influence on Barth's The Sot-Weed Factor, Robert P. Winston


Strange Order of Things!: The Journey to Chaos in 'Letters from an American Farmer', Robert P. Winston

Publications from 1983


Paulding's The Dutchman's Fireside and Early American Romance, Robert P. Winston