Theses from 2019

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the 2014 Chinese Hukou Reform, Adam Huang


Is Winning a Necessity for Financial Success in the Cycling Industry, Grant Shearer

Theses from 2017


The Effect of Public Sporting Expenditures on Medal Share at the Summer Olympic Games: A Study of the Differential Impact by Sport and Gender, Joana Peixoto Nunes

Analyzing the Effectiveness of NOx Emissions Regulation in Pennsylvania from 1999 to 2016, Yuanxiaoyue Yang

Theses from 2015

Fees and Fairness: Medicaid Reimbursements and Patient Outcomes, Jason Allen Gates

Gender and the Great Recession: A Critical Look at the Causes, Outcomes, and Policy Responses, Johnathan Titus Jones

Theses from 2014

Risk-Based IPO Underpricing in the U.S. Post-Dotcom Era: Evidence From Asymmetric Information & Uncertainty in the Pre-IPO Process, Nolan Alexander Funchion

Theses from 2012


Education from a Gender and Development Perspective in India and Republic of Korea, Misha Garg

Comparative Analysis of Modern Recessions: Explaining the Less-Than-Great Recovery from the Great Recession, Jenna Wrae Long

Department of Defense Investments in Sustainable Energy Technologies: Reducing Total Energy Costs and Creating Potential Civilian Applications, Devin Philip Quinn