Theses from 2021

Standing Out The Exploration of Brand Positioning Strategies Used by Industry Leaders in China’s Private Tutoring Market, Ashley Jeanette Heighton


Queens and Queerness: Drag Performers and LGBTQ Advocacy Work in Japan, Julie Elizabeth Mancini

Theses from 2020


K-Pop Connection: Maintaining Fandom Loyalty in K-Pop and V Live, Amanda Xiong

Theses from 2019

Traveling and Transformed Bodies: Reconceptualizing Leprosy in Late-Qing Literature (1848-1909), Min Xie

Theses from 2018

Reaching for the Stars: Fictional Women, Female Researchers, and the Importance of Role Models in Japan’s Aerospace Fields, Leigh Anne Parrott

Theses from 2017


Marketing K-Pop and J-Pop in the 21st Century, Sarah Brand

Theses from 2016

Understated Strength: Celebrity Agency in Republican China, Brianna Margaret McFarland

Theses from 2014

Who Cares?: Japanese Male Caregivers and Shifting Cultural Scripts on Family, Gender, and Care, Anna Beth Roach-Howell

Theses from 2013

A Revised History: National and International Archaeological Interpretations of Protohistoric Japan-Korea Relations, Kyle Christopher Serra

Theses from 2012

The Rise & Fall of Taiwanese Identity Politics, Patrick John Griffin


Damming the World: Burma as a Case Study for Chinese Exportation of Hydropower, Courtney Brooke Weatherby

Theses from 2011

The So-Called New Women: The Evolution of the Seitō Organization and Their Discourses on New Women and Sexual Liberation, Nicholas Johnston Adams


A Yōkai Parade Through Time in Japan, Brandon Michael Howard

Theses from 2010

The Current State of the Right to Remain Silent in Japan, Kendahl Marie Lester

The Soundtrack of a City: Jazz, Modernity, and Urban Life in Republican Shanghai (1927-1949), James Yarnall Watson-Krips