Publications from 2018

A Multi-Institutional Perspective on H/FOSS Projects in the Computing Curriculum, Grant Braught, John P. MacCormick, James Bowring, Quinn Burke, Barbara Cutler, David Goldschmidt, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Wesley Turner, Steven Huss-Lederman, Bonnie Mackellar, and Allen Tucker

What Can Be Computed?: A Practical Guide to the Theory of Computation, John P. MacCormick

Books from 2016

iPhone vs. the FBI: Government Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era, Amy Gaudion, John P. MacCormick, and Anthony Williams

Publications from 2015


Differences in Judgments of Creativity: How Do Academic Domain, Personality, and Self-Reported Creativity Influence Novice Judges’ Evaluations of Creative Productions?, Mei Tan, Catalina Mourgues, Sascha Hein, John P. MacCormick, Baptiste Barbot, and Elena Grigorenko

Publications from 2014


Alan Turing and the Turing Test, John P. MacCormick

Publications from 2012

Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future: The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today's Computers, John P. MacCormick

Publications from 2009


Kinesis: A New Approach to Replica Placement in Distributed Storage Systems, John P. MacCormick, Nicholas Murphy, Venugopalan Ramasubramanian, Udi Wieder, Junfeng Yang, and Lidong Zhou

Publications from 2008


Niobe: A Practical Replication Protocol, John P. MacCormick, Chandramohan A. Thekkath, Marcus Jager, Kristof Roomp, Lidong Zhou, and Ryan Peterson

Publications from 2006


Ad hoc Extensibility and Access Control, Úlfar Erlingsson and John P. MacCormick

Publications from 2002

Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Tracking: Probabilistic Modelling and Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Localisation and Tracking, John P. MacCormick

Publications from 2001

Statistical Models of Visual Shape and Motion, Andrew Blake, Michael Isard, and John P. MacCormick


Bayesian Object Localisation in Images, J. Sullivan, A. Blake, M. Isard, and John P. MacCormick

Publications from 2000


A Probabilistic Exclusion Principle for Tracking Multiple Objects, John P. MacCormick and Andrew Blake