Publications from 2017


The Early Christian Response to Platonist Poetics: Boethius, Prudentius, and the Poeta Theologus, Marc Mastrangelo

Publications from 2016

The Tragic Phylarchus, Scott Farrington

The Art of History: Literary Perspectives on Greek and Roman Historiography, Vasileios Liotsakis and Scott Farrington

Toward a Poetics of Late Latin Reuse, Marc Mastrangelo

Publications from 2015


A Likely Story: Rhetoric and the Determination of Truth in Polybius' Histories, Scott Farrington

Publications from 2014

Ancient Rome: An Anthology of Sources, Christopher Francese and R. Scott Smith

Should Pennsylvania Legalize Marijuana?, Marc Mastrangelo, Crispin Sartwell, Willa Hut, Will Nelligan, and Alex Toole

Publications from 2011


Julius Caesar: Selections from the Gallic War, Christopher Francese


Sulpicius Severus: The Life of Saint Martin of Tours, Christopher Francese