Pandemic Preparedness and Environmental Awareness


Pandemic Preparedness and Environmental Awareness


Frederic Keck



The current Covid-19 pandemic has connected public health concerns in the West (the fabric of vaccines, the use of masks and other distancing measures) with questions on what happens with bats in China, since Covid-19 is a zoonosis emerging from animal reservoirs. While preparedness asks us to prepare for future pandemics, and question how much we are prepared in the organization of public health, it also includes attentiveness to environmental changes as early warning signals of pandemics. Focusing on the perception of sentinels for influenza pandemics in Hong Kong, this talk will question how we can read viral mutations as signs of environmental changes.

The event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and co-sponsored by the departments of anthropology and East Asian studies.

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COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, public health, environmental awareness


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Pandemic Preparedness and Environmental Awareness