Rush Award - Building Intellectual Bridges


Rush Award - Building Intellectual Bridges



William Greenlee, President and CEO of The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences.

The goal of research and scholarship is the pursuit of new knowledge. That pursuit expands the intellectual endowment, but without a purpose and plan for the endowment’s use, new knowledge does not benefit society as much as it could. Scholars must take a leading role in the translation of discoveries and new knowledge into products, policies, and guidance for the benefit of all.

Benjamin Rush Award

The Benjamin Rush Award Ceremony recognizes outstanding achievement by a member of the business or government community. The individual accepting the award presents a public lecture addressing the relationship of a liberal arts education to the business or government world. Opportunities for members of the College community to converse and discuss issues with the award recipient occur while the recipient is on the campus.

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Rush Award - Building Intellectual Bridges