Natural Selection & War


Natural Selection & War


Paul B. Olsen



Paul Olsen, Col., U.S. Army, will discuss that today’s advances in evolutionary biology are unifying competing theories of natural selection and serve as a timely call for a similar unification of competing theories of war. This lecture explores the relationship between war and natural selection by first examining war’s biological origins, and then placing them within a multidisciplinary framework called the Nature of War Theory. This theory, as its name implies, reconciles natural selection and war to reveal a shared overarching and paradoxical duality, displaying that war is characterized by the simultaneous violent interplay of evolutionary individual-level and group-level adaptations, manifested by individualist and altruistic wars, respectively, and highlighted by trends and insights recognizable to both students of war and evolutionary biology.

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Evolutionary Biology, Natural Selection, Nature of War Theory


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Peace and Conflict Studies

Natural Selection & War