Leading With Integrity


Leading With Integrity


Derek Hathaway



According to a recent Gallup Poll, 80% of Americans believe that the moral values of our country are getting worse. Scandals and corruption in government, healthcare, law and many other sectors of our society appear to have eroded public confidence both in public and private institutions. Government scandals from both sides of the aisle have scorched the nation’s trust in the elected leadership of our government. Access to quality, trustworthy health care also remains an important issue as 59% of the country believes that the U.S. healthcare system has “major problems.” In our legal system, two-thirds of lawyers report having knowledge of “bill-padding” among their colleagues, while 55% of lawyers themselves report billing for unnecessary work. The crisis of confidence is even more obvious in the business sector. Only three out of ten Americans reported in a recent poll that they believe Wall Street will make the right decisions regarding the current recession. In addition to a general mistrust of Wall Street, recent multi-billion dollar scandals involving business leaders, such as those involving Bernie Madoff and Robert Allen Stanford, have also outraged the public. These events highlight a great desire for a financial system based on integrity which is the steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. For one to act with integrity means to act consistently with what one says is important. When the leaders of an institution exhibit integrity not only do they show moral rectitude, but they also allow for their organization to prosper due to an increased climate of trust.

Derek Hathaway, recently retired chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harsco Corporation discuss these issues in this Rush Award lecture.

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Leading With Integrity