Publications from 2021

Air Pollution in Pennsylvania: Community Panel, Heather Bedi, Thomas Au, Krishnan Ramamurthy, Germaine Gooden-Patterson, and Naida Elena Montes

@10queues and 10 Questions in Virology, Paul Duprex

Combating American Racism in the Era of Trump: Towards a Pedagogy of Justice, Chad Dion Lassiter

Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones, and the Fight to Preserve Our Democracy, Allissa Richardson

Black Queer Christian Lives Matter: Race, Religion, and Sexuality – an Intersectional Conversation - The Wesley Lecture, Jay Williams

Publications from 2020

Reimagining Citizenship: Thoughts on Relational Violence & The Construct of Whiteness, Courtney Ariel

Global Pandemic: What it Reveals About Prospects for a Sustainable World, Heather Bedi, Michael Beevers, and Neil Leary

While Reason Slept: Recapturing the Founders’ Vision of a Rational Republic, Tom Brier

Providing Safe Shelter when Home is Not a Haven from Crisis, Jason Brode, Sonya Browne, Colleen Kinney, and Scott Shewell

The State of Environmental Justice in Pennsylvania, Saleem Chapman, Veronica Coptis, Adam Cutler, and Horace Strand

Hedgehogs and Foxes: Toward Climate Pragmatism, Armond Cohen

Community, Connections and Commentary: Perspectives on the US Elections from Bremen, Málaga, Moscow and Toulouse, Francoise Coste, Konstantin Sonin, Manuel Arias Maldonado, and Neil van Siclen

Open Forum with Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Eugene DePasquale

Psychedelics: Science, Medicine and Politics, Rick Doblin

Race and Policing, Raff Donelson, Matthew Guariglia, and Stephanie Jirard

An Anticipatory Memoir: Aging on the Diagonal, Bill Durden

How Mentors Can Shape Your Future: A Conversation with a Global Leader, Margee Ensign, David McCormock, and John Jones III

Migrating to Prison: America’s Obsession with Locking Up Immigrants, César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

Why Are We Optimistically Biased About Our Risks_ Applications to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Marie Helweg-Larsen

The Science of COVID-19: Aspects of Infection, Immunity, Treatment and Testing, John Henson

Lethal Flows: The U.S. Role in Arms Transfers and Trafficking to Latin America and the Caribbean, Adam Isacson

Food in a Time of Crisis, Andrea Karns, Jenn Halpin, and Robert Weed

Pandemic Preparedness and Environmental Awareness, Frederic Keck

Film Screening of What Happens to a Dream Deferred? and Q&A with Filmmaker Esery Mondésir, Esery Mondesir

Educating for Democracy in a Post-Truth Era, Lynn Pasquerella

Adapting to Challenging Times: Local Small Businesses Navigate the Coronavirus Response, Kirk Ream, Stephanie Gilbert, and Tanis Monroy

Carlisle Artists and Arts Organizations Respond to COVID-19, Becky Richeson, Erika Juran, Sarah Skaggs, and Zach King

Devising Civic Practice: Listening is the New Revolution, Michael Rohd

Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott & His Team Explain How They're Responding to Covid-19, Tim Scott, Sean Shultz, Susan Armstrong, and Jeffrey Snyder

Re-Engaging Research through Citizen and Community Science, Jennifer Shirk

From Community Engagement to the Good Society, Randy Stoecker

Unraveled Myths: The Green Revolution and the Gene Revolution, Glenn Stone

Overdoing Democracy: The Problem of Polarization, Robert Talisse

Publications from 2019

Storytelling, Emotion Culture, and Performative Citizenship in the Undocumented Immigrants Movement, Kathryn Abrams

Queer Intersectionalities: The Communicative Dimensions of Race, Masculinity and Sexuality, Bryant Keith Alexander

Mixed Race Saviors?: Learning from Latin American Racial Politics, Santiago Anria, Tanya Hernández, Stacey Moultry, and Eric Vázquez

Identity at Home and in the Wider World, Kwame Anthony Appiah

Mark Blashford's "Jack & Jill", Mark Blashford

Fallout from the American Military Withdrawal from Northern Syria, Chris Bolan, David Commins, Larry Goodson, and Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob

Resilience for All: Striving for Equity Through Community-Driven Design, Barbara Brown Wilson

Brexit: Where it Stands, What it Means, Mark Duckenfield, Oya Dursun-Özkanca, and Ed Webb

Just Run, Gene Dykes

Gender, Religion, and Violence, Margee Ensign, Jean-Pierre Karegeye, Christina Li, Stephanie Ogorzalek, and Celestino Perez

Rwanda at 25, Margee Ensign, Mathilde Mukantabana, Jean-Pierre Karegeye, and Nelly Teta Ntwali

Perspectives on Impeachment, Susan Feldman, David O'Connell, Kathryn Heard, and Gregory Steirer

Extractive Zones + Decolonial Praxis, Macarena Gómez-Barris

Microbial Communities—The Original Internet of Everything, Jo Handelsman

An Evening with Writer Linda Hogan, Linda Hogan

Deepfake, Tim Hwang, Amy McKiernan, and James Sias

Unveiling America: Addressing Issues of Contemporary Homelessness, Christina Kapp, Beth Kempf, Scott Shewell, and Tim Whelan

YoungGiftedandFat: From Liberation to Creation, Sharrell Luckett

Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity, Lilliana Mason

Am I a Real Man? Questioning Masculinity with a Beginner’s Mind, Thomas Page McBee

Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality, Sarah McBride

Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories, Joanne Miller

Church of the Wild: A New and Old Way of Experiencing Spirituality - The Wesley Lecture, Beth Norcross

Dominican Blackness, Ghosting, and Bad Patriots, Dixa Ramírez

Cultural Politics of Taste: Mobility and Food Culture, Krishnendu Ray

Soil Degradation as an Indicator of Global Change, José-Damian Ruiz-Sinoga

Black Power, Gender and the Black Panther Party, Robyn Spencer

The Biology of Inequality, Zaneta Thayer

Publications from 2018

Giving New Life to Materials for Energy, the Environment and Medicine, Angela Belcher

Reducing the Global Burden of Dementia: The First Alzheimer’s Survivors, Dale Bredesen

A Conversation with President Margee Ensign and Global Entrepreneur Martin Burt, Martin Burt and Margee Ensign

The Fugitive Slave Law and the Crisis Over Immigration Policy: Assessing a Forgotten Legacy, Andrew Delbanco, Judy Giesberg, Matthew Pinsker, and Richard Blackett

Food Access and Poverty, Alyssa Feher, Becca Raley, Risa Waldoks, and Robert Weed

The Glover Memorial Lecture: Einstein Black Holes and Gravitational Waves, Gabriela Gonzalez

Seeing = Believing?, Eitan Grinspun, Graham Roberts, Greg Steirer, Steve Malcic, and Tabitha Peck

(Dis)Owning God: Religious Identity and Violent Extremism in the African Sahel Region, Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob

Violent Borders: The State vs. the Right to Move, Reece Jones

The Adipositivity Project, Substantia Jones

Talk is Trump and the Rule of Law, Neal Katyal

Honoring Indigeneity: Indigenous Knowledge(s) and Indigenous Sovereignty, Dan Longboat

Masculine Identity and Sexual Gender Based Violence: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Aloys Mahwa

The 1001 Black Men Online Sketchbook and the Art of Social Justice, Ajuan Mance

Congress to Campus, Betsy Markey and Don Manzullo

Beyond Kinetics: Advancing Civil-Military Partnership in Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism, Casey Miner, Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob, Muhammad Umer Bashir, Shawn Diniz, and Yssouf Traore

The Paradox of Productivity: Lessons from an Indigenous Agriculture, Jane Mt. Pleasant

Donald Trump, Race, and the Crisis of American Democracy, Christopher Parker

Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise, Eboo Patel

The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice, Rick Smolan

An Evening with Yoko Tawada, Yoko Tawada and Bettina Brandt

Where is U.S. Foreign Policy Headed?, Stephen Walt

The Strange Career of the Jim Crow North: A Dickinson Story?, Komozi Woodard

How Democracies Die, Daniel Ziblatt

Publications from 2017

Muslim Women and the Freedom to Choose, Lila Abu-Lughod

The Shadow of “Fake News”, Jonathan Albright

The Good News on Energy, Environment and Our Future - Joseph Priestley Award Celebration Lecture, Richard Alley

Fairness and Accountability in Algorithmic Culture, danah boyd

Harnessing Academic Work to Make a Difference: Food Policy as an Example, Kelly Brownell

Border Angels and AMIREDIS: The Sad Face of Undocumented Immigration, Hugo Castro and José Luis Hernandez Cruz

Remixing the American Dream, Raquel Cepeda

Community Responses to Anti-Muslim Hatred, Joyce Davis, Samia Malik, Ikram Rabbani, and Ann M. Van Dyke

Thoughts on Cybersecurity in an Age of Trump, Robert Deitz

The Opioid Epidemic in Central Pennsylvania, Carrie DeLone, David Freed, Duane Nieves, Jack Carroll, and Kristen Varner

The Genocidal Foundation of the United States - The Morgan Lecture, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Reproductive Rights: Religion, Ethics, and the Law, Kathryn Ellis, David O'Connell, and Katie Oliviero

Republican Politics Today, Brandon Ferrance, David O'Connell, Jim Gerlach, Renee Amoore, and Robert Borden

Bees and Beekeeping Today, Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, Olivia Bernauer, Rodney Morgan, and Samuel Ramsey

Contemporary School Segregation, Erica Frankenberg