Publications from 2019

Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party, Robyn Spencer

Publications from 2018

A Conversation with President Margee Ensign and Global Entrepreneur Martin Burt, Martin Burt and Margee Ensign

Seeing = Believing?, Eitan Grinspun, Graham Roberts, Greg Steirer, Steve Malcic, and Tabitha Peck

The Adipositivity Project, Substantia Jones

The 1001 Black Men Online Sketchbook and the Art of Social Justice, Ajuan Mance

An Evening with Yoko Tawada, Yoko Tawada and Bettina Brandt

The Strange Career of the Jim Crow North: A Dickinson Story?, Komozi Woodard

Publications from 2017

Border Angels and AMIREDIS: The Sad Face of Undocumented Immigration, Hugo Castro and José Luis Hernandez Cruz

Community Responses to Anti-Muslim Hatred, Joyce Davis, Samia Malik, Ikram Rabbani, and Ann M. Van Dyke

Reproductive Rights: Religion, Ethics, and the Law, Kathryn Ellis, David O'Connell, and Katie Oliviero

Inequality and Stagnation by Policy Design, Thomas Palley

Trump, Race, and the Slow Death of Democracy, Lester Spence

Your Body is Not an Apology, Sonya Renee Taylor

Publications from 2016

The Myth of the Violent Athlete, Mitch Abrams

Interview with Mitch Abrams, Mitch Abrams and Gianna Toglia

Leadership Interview with Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball '84, Sandra Steiner Ball and Julia Mercer

Mother’s Day: Song of a Sad Mother, Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Interview with Carmen-Francesca Banciu, Carmen-Francesca Banciu and Leda Fisher

Universal Design and Diverse Learners, Manju Banerjee

Interview with Manju Banerjee, Manju Banerjee and Kayleigh Rhatigan

Iran and Saudi Arabia Relations, David Commins, Marybeth Ulrich, and Ed Webb

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Civil Rights Then, Now, and in the Future, Lennard Davis

Leadership Interview with Lennard Davis, Lennard Davis and Aleksandra Syniec

Interview with Pierre Dulaine, Pierre Dulaine and Rowan Humphries

Palestinians’ Internal Politics and Conflicts, Bassem Eid

Melting Ice, Rising Seas, Shifting Shorelines…The New Reality, John Englander

Leadership Interview with John Englander '72, John Englander and Sam Weisman

iPhone vs. the FBI: Government Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era, Amy Gaudion, John P. MacCormick, and Anthony Williams

The Rule of the Clan, Carol Horning, Mark Weiner, Andrew T. Wolff, and Erik Love

Albion W. Tourgée and the Interracial Campaign Against Lynching, Carolyn L. Karcher

Leadership Interview with Perri Klass, Perri Klass and Sam Weisman

Fat Activism Down Under, Jenny Lee

Noisy Believing: Ethical and Spiritual Responses to Sexualized Violence, Kristen Leslie

Interview with Kristen Leslie, Kristen Leslie and Shelby Friedel

Business as Unusual: Shared Strategies for Accelerating Change, Zach Leverenz

Leadership Interview with Zach Leverenz '01, Zach Leverenz and Sam Weisman

The Ferguson Conjuncture: Why the Humanities Matter Now, George Lipsitz

Interview with George Lipsitz, George Lipsitz and Aleksandra Syniec

Celebrating a Dead Letter or a Living Document?, Barry W. Lynn

Interview with Barry W. Lynn '70, Barry W. Lynn and Kayleigh Rhatigan

Roundtable on Election 2016, Kathleen M. Marchetti, Sarah E. Niebler, David O'Connell, and Eric Vázquez

BREXIT: Implications and Aftermath – Panel Discussion, Kristine Mitchell, Mark Duckenfield, and Oya Dursun-Ozkanca

Disability Rights in Global Perspective, Karen Nakamura

Interview with Karen Nakamura, Karen Nakamura and Kayleigh Rhatigan

The World that Food Made, Raj Patel

Interview with Raj Patel, Raj Patel and Shelby Friedel

Leadership Interview with Raj Patel, Raj Patel and Shelby Friedel

From the Vatican to Madrid, Paris and Warsaw: “Gender Ideology” in Motion, David Paternotte

Interview with David Paternotte, David Paternotte and Zita Petrahai

The Ukraine-Russia Crisis and U.S. Policy, Steven Pifer

Interview with Steven Pifer, Steven Pifer and Rehoboth Gesese

The Populist Challenge: Germany and the United States before the Elections, Lothar Probst

We Are More Than We Have Become: John Wesley’s Call to Holiness and Service, Sandra L. Steiner Ball

More than a Game: Soccer and Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century, Shawn Stein, Amy Bass, Joshua Nadel, and Stephanie Yang

The Business of Peace through Green Energy: The HomeBiogas Story, Yair Teller

The Cyber Presidential Campaign of 2016, Jack Tomarchio

Disability Studies and Contemporary Bioethics for HIV-Positive Persons, Lance Wahlert

Interview with Lance Wahlert, Lance Wahlert and Julia Mercer

Frederick Douglass: On Photography, Laura Wexler

Interview with Laura Wexler, Laura Wexler and Kayleigh Rhatigan

Eating While Black: A Case Study on Food Shaming and Policing, Psyche Williams-Forson

Interview with Psyche Williams-Forson, Psyche Williams-Forson and Leda Fisher

Interview with Stephanie Yang, Stephanie Yang and Rehoboth Gesese

Publications from 2015

Islam & the West: A Clash of Civilizations?, Akbar Ahmed

Leadership Interview with Akbar Ahmed, Akbar Ahmed and Katherine Welch

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Alex Bates, Shawn Bender, Claire Seiler, W. Evan Young, and Shogo Nishikawa

Prisons, State Violence, and the Organizing Tradition, Dan Berger

Holocaust: Justice and Accountability, Charles Brown

Mary Lincoln’s Assassination, Catherine Clinton

Leadership Interview with Patricia Hill Collins, Patricia H. Collins and Shelby Friedel

Intersectionality, Black Youth and Political Activism, Patricia Hill Collins

Interview with Patricia Hill Collins, Patricia Hill Collins and Aleksandra Syniec

Inviting Green Tara: An Illustrated Talk and Tibetan Buddhist Ritual, Daniel G. Cozort and Gomang College Drepung Monastery

Churches and Colleges: Schools of Civility, James Calvin Davis

Leadership Interview with James Calvin Davis '92, James Calvin Davis and Megan Magruder

Green Tara Mandala Construction, Gomang College Drepung Monastery

Tibetan Cultural Pageant, Gomang College Drepung Monastery

The New Asylums: Mentally Ill and Behind Bars, Doris Fuller

Interview with Doris Fuller, Doris Fuller and Gianna Toglia

U.S. War Powers, Amy Gaudion, Douglas Lovelace, Andrew Rudalevige, and Douglas T. Stuart

Attacking Democracy, John Geer

Interview with John Geer, John Geer and Sam Weisman

Leadership Interview with John Geer, John Geer and Sam Weisman

Can Computers Be Mathematicians?, Timothy Gowers

Russia after Crimea, Leonid Gozman

Leadership Interview with Leonid Gozman, Leonid Gozman and Shelby Friedel

Federal Policy, Urban Policing, and the Roots of Mass Incarceration, Elizabeth Hinton

Advancing Science, Rush Holt

Rush Holt Leadership Interview, Rush Holt and Shelby Friedel

Shale Gas and Oil Development: Latest Evidence on Leaky Wells, Methane Emissions, and Energy Policy, Anthony Ingraffea

Anthony Ingraffea Leadership Interview, Anthony Ingraffea and Marie-Noelle Nwokolo

How Things Fall Apart: Race and Suspicion in Police-Civilian Encounters, Nikki Jones

Interview with Nikki Jones, Nikki Jones and Rehoboth Gesese

Nikki Jones Leadership Interview, Nikki Jones and Rehoboth Gesese

The Costs of War, Catherine Lutz

Life's Challenges, Sean Maloney

The Limits of Climate Change, Paul Mayewski

Leadership Interview with Paul Mayewski, Paul Mayewski and Nora Snee

Curiosity on Mars, Kristen Mille

Obama Is Brazilian: (Re)Signifying Race Relations in Contemporary Brazil, Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte