Publications from 2017


Hsp72 Is an Intracellular Target of the α,β-Unsaturated Sesquiterpene Lactone, Parthenolide, Myungsun Shin, Andrew McGowan, Gabriel J. DiNatale, Thanprakorn Chiramanewong, Tianyi Cai, and Rebecca E. Connor


Essential Multimeric Enzymes in Kinetoplastid Parasites: A Host of Potentially Druggable Protein-Protein Interactions, Leah M. Wachsmuth, Meredith G. Johnson, and Jason Gavenonis

Publications from 2016

Using Student-Made Posters To Annotate a Laser Teaching Laboratory, Cindy Samet

Publications from 2015

Polymer Soft-Landing Isolation of Acetylene on Polystyrene and Poly(vinylpyridine): A Novel Approach to Probing Hydrogen Bonding in Polymers, Yike Li and Cindy Samet

Publications from 2011

Matrix and Polymer Soft-Landing Isolation of Selected Acids with Pyridine and Poly(4-vinylpyridine): A Comparative Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Hydrogen Bonding, Alejo M. Lifschitz, Jeffrey M. Rodgers, and Cindy Samet

Publications from 2009

A Capstone Course in Nanotechnology for Chemistry Majors, Cindy Samet

Publications from 2008

Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopic and Density Functional Theory Study of the 1:1 Complex of Bromocyclohexane with NH3: Evidence for a Weak C-H-N Hydrogen Bond, Kyle R. Hess and Cindy Samet

Publications from 2005

Pentachlorocyclopropane/Base Complexes: Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopic and Density Functional Study of C-H---N Hydrogen Bonds, Alexander B. Baker, Cindy Samet, Jonathan T. Lyon, and Lester Andrews

Napoleon’s Buttons: Teaching the Role of Chemistry in History, Cindy Samet and Pamela J. Higgins

Publications from 2001

Determination of the Regiochemistry of Disubstituted Arenes Generated by Addition of a Carbanion to the (η6-Anisole)Cr(CO)3 Complex, Ashfaq A. Bengali, Cindy Samet, and Samantha B. Charlton

Matrix Isolation Infrared and ab Initio Study of the 1:1 Complexes of Cyclopentadiene with Nitrogen and Oxygen Bases: C-H---N(O) Hydrogen Bonding Involving an sp3-Hybridized Carbon, Mark A. Hilfiker, Erin R. Mysak, Cindy Samet, and Andy Maynard