Publications from 2020


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Biogas Digestate as a Renewable Fertilizer: Effects of Digestate Application on Crop Growth and Nutrient Composition, Maxwell E. Lee, Matthew W. Steiman, and Sarah K. St. Angelo

Publications from 2019

Quantification of Azaarenes, Hdroxylated Azaarene Derivatives, and Other Polar Compounds Released in Urban Runoff from Two Commercial Sealcoat Products, Amy E. Witter

Publications from 2018

Fruit and Vegetable Peels as Efficient Renewable Adsorbents for Removal of Pollutants from Water: A Research Experience for General Chemistry Students, Cindy Samet and Suresh Valiyaveettil

Encouraging the Art of Communicating Science to Nonexperts with Don’t Be Such a Scientist, Sarah K. St. Angelo

Publications from 2017


Hsp72 Is an Intracellular Target of the α,β-Unsaturated Sesquiterpene Lactone, Parthenolide, Myungsun Shin, Andrew McGowan, Gabriel J. DiNatale, Thanprakorn Chiramanewong, Tianyi Cai, and Rebecca E. Connor


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Publications from 2016

Using Student-Made Posters To Annotate a Laser Teaching Laboratory, Cindy Samet

Publications from 2015

Polymer Soft-Landing Isolation of Acetylene on Polystyrene and Poly(vinylpyridine): A Novel Approach to Probing Hydrogen Bonding in Polymers, Yike Li and Cindy Samet

Publications from 2014


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Publications from 2013


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Publications from 2011

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Publications from 2009

A Capstone Course in Nanotechnology for Chemistry Majors, Cindy Samet

Publications from 2008

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Publications from 2005

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Napoleon’s Buttons: Teaching the Role of Chemistry in History, Cindy Samet and Pamela J. Higgins

Publications from 2001

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