Publications from 2018


SELEX and SHAPE Reveal that Sequence Motifs and an Extended Hairpin in the 5' Portion of Turnip Crinkle Virus Satellite RNA C Mediate Fitness in Plants, Charlie F. Bayne, Max E. Widawski, Feng Gao, Mohammed H. Masab, Maitreyi Chattopadhyay, Allison M. Murawski, Robert M. Sansevere, Bryan D. Lerner, Rinaldys J. Castillo, Trevor Griesman, Jiantao Fu, Jennifer K. Hibben, Alma D. Garcia-Perez, Anne E. Simon, and David B. Kushner

Submissions from 2017


Kinematics Of Feeding Behavior In The American Toad: Terrestrial Versus Elevated Prey, Surya Brown-Moffitt and Scott M. Boback

Publications from 2015

Rapid Evolution of in vivo-Selected Sequences and Structures Replacing 20% of a Subviral RNA, Allison M. Murawski, Johnathan L. Nieves, Maitreyi Chattopadhyay, Megan Y. Young, Christine Szarko, Holleh F. Tajalli, Tareq Azad, Nina B. Jean-Jacques, Anne E. Simon, and David B. Kushner

Publications from 2009


Structural Plasticity and Rapid Evolution in a Viral RNA Revealed by In Vivo Genetic Selection, Rong Guo, Wai Lin, Jiuchun Zhang, Anne E. Simon, and David B. Kushner