Submissions from 2017


Kinematics Of Feeding Behavior In The American Toad: Terrestrial Versus Elevated Prey, Surya Brown-Moffitt and Scott M. Boback

Publications from 2015

Rapid Evolution of in vivo-Selected Sequences and Structures Replacing 20% of a Subviral RNA, Allison M. Murawski, Johnathan L. Nieves, Maitreyi Chattopadhyay, Megan Y. Young, Christine Szarko, Holleh F. Tajalli, Tareq Azad, Nina B. Jean-Jacques, Anne E. Simon, and David B. Kushner

Publications from 2009


Structural Plasticity and Rapid Evolution in a Viral RNA Revealed by In Vivo Genetic Selection, Rong Guo, Wai Lin, Jiuchun Zhang, Anne E. Simon, and David B. Kushner