Theses from 2016

Investigating the Effects of Coastal Acidification on Phenolic Production in Zostera Marina from South Bay, VA, Andrew Shriver McGowan

Theses from 2014

Effects of Alkynyl-Parthenolide on Human Leukemia Cells, THP-1, Gabriel Joseph DiNatale

Theses from 2012

Use of in Vivo Genetic Selection Reveals Sequence and Length Flexibility of the 5' Portion of Turnip Crinkle Virus Satellite RNA C, Allison Margaret Murawski

Theses from 2011

Synthesis of a Copper-Binding Distamycin Conjugate as a Potential Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Compound, Alice Ann Duchon

Theses from 2010


An Integrative Study of Gene Expression of PMA Induced Differentiation in HL-60 Cells by DNA Microarray Analysis, Emily Marie Swain