Publications from 2021

The Rise and Fall of Wiñaymarka: Rethinking Cultural and Environmental Interactions in the Southern Basin of Lake Titicaca, Maria C. Bruno, José M. Capriles, Christine A. Hasdorf, Sherilyn C. Fritz, D. Marie Weide, Alejandra I. Domic, and Paul A. Baker


Training Wicked Scientists for a World of Wicked Problems, Nicholas C. Kawa, Mark Anthony Arceño, Ryan Goeckner, Chelsea E. Hunter, Steven J. Rhue, Shane A. Scaggs, Matthew E. Biwer, Sean S. Downey, Julie S. Field, Kristen Gremillion, Joy McCorriston, Anna Willow, Elizabeth Newton, and Mark Moritz


An Urgent Call to Collect Data Related to COVID-19 and Indigenous Populations Globally, Alistair Mallard, Maria Amalia Pesantes, Carol Zavaleta-Cortijo, and James Ward

Comment on Arnold et al. "Drought and the Collapse of the Tiwanaku Civilization: New Evidence from Lake Orurillo, Peru" [Quat. Sci. Rev. 251 (2021): 106693], Erik J. Marsh, Daniel Contreras, Maria C. Bruno, Alexei Vranich, and Andrew P. Roddick


Healthcare of Indigenous Amazonian Peoples in Response to COVID-19: Marginality, Discrimination and Revaluation of Ancestral Knowledge in Ucayali, Peru, Doreen Montag, Marco Barboza, Lizardo Cauper, Ivan Brehaut, Isaac Alva, Aoife Bennett, José Sanchez-Choy, Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti, Pilar Valenzuela, José Manuyama, Italo Garcia Murayari, Miguel Guimaraes Vásquez, Celso Aguirre Panduro, Angela Giattino, Edwin Julio Palomino Cadenas, Rodrigo Lazo, Carlos A. Delgado, Alfonso Nino, Elaine C. Flores, Maria Amalia Pesantes, Juan Pablo Murillo, Luisa Elvira Belaunde, Sergio Recuenco, Robert Chuquimbalqui, and Carol Zavaleta-Cortijo

Publications from 2020

The Flavors Archaeobotany Forgot, Christine A. Hastorf and Maria C. Bruno


¿Y la salud intercultural?: Lecciones desde la pandemia que no debemos olvidar, Maria Amalia Pesantes and Camila Gianella

Publications from 2019


Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: A Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia, Erik J. Marsh, Andrew P. Roddick, Maria C. Bruno, Scott C. Smith, John W. Janusek, and Christine A. Hastorf

Publications from 2018


Phenotypic Integration of the Cervical Vertebrae in the Hominoidea (Primates), Catalina I. Villamil

Anatomy and Climate-Related Variation in Hominins, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2017


Locomotion and Basicranial Anatomy in Primates and Marsupials, Catalina I. Villamil


Morphological Signatures of High-Altitude Adaptations in the Andean Archaeological Record: Distinguishing Developmental Plasticity and Natural Selection, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2016

Morphological Variation in Homo erectus and the Origins of Developmental Plasticity, Susan C. Antón, Hannah G. Taboada, Emily R. Middleton, Christopher W. Rainwater, Andrea B. Taylor, Trudy R. Turner, Jean E. Turnquist, Karen J. Weinstein, and Scott A. Williams

Publications from 2014

First-Class Health: Amenity Wards, Health Insurance, and Normalizing Health Care Inequalities in Tanzania, James G. Ellison

Modern Human Biological Adaptations to High-Altitude Environments in the Andean Archaeological Record, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2013

Teaching Culture, Health, and Political Economy in the Field: Ground-Level Perspectives on Africa in the 21st Century, James G. Ellison

Publications from 2012


The Intimate Violence of Political and Economic Change in Southern Ethiopia, James G. Ellison

Publications from 2011


Climatic and Altitudinal Influences on Variation in Macaca Limb Morphology, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2009

Governmentality and the Family: Neoliberal Choices and Emergent Kin Relations in Southern Ethiopia, James G. Ellison

Monica Hunter Wilson: Anthropology and Social Justice, James G. Ellison

Books from 2008

Transnational Gender and Sexuality Symposium, Denise Brennan, France Winddance Twine, and Ann Hill

Publications from 2007

Thoracic Skeletal Morphology and High-Altitude Hypoxia in Andean Prehistory, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2006

“Everyone Can Do as He Wants”: Economic Liberalization and Emergent Forms of Antipathy in Southern Ethiopia, James G. Ellison

Publications from 2005

Body Proportions in Ancient Andeans from High and Low Altitudes, Karen J. Weinstein

Publications from 2003

“A Fierce Hunger”: Tracing the Impacts of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in Southwest Tanzania, James G. Ellison

Publications from 2002


Competitive Performance and Cultural Identity in Southwest Tanzania, James G. Ellison

Publications from 2000

Competitive Dance and Social Identity: Converging Histories in Southwest Tanzania, James G. Ellison