Theses from 2016


A Gun to Our Head? American Imagination of the Russian Character Since 1946, Jason William Denaburg


Consuming Authenticity: Deconstructing “Do-It-Yourself” Punk Rock Ethics in Philadelphia, Patricia Ann Kotrady

Theses from 2014

Narrating Death in a Culture of Denial: Stage IV Cancer Narratives Told Through Blogs and Memoirs, Elizabeth Emily Mudge

"A Joy to Watch": How Julia Child Reimagined Domesticity and the Domestic Space, Leah Judith Shafer

Theses from 2013

Pinking the White House: Barbie, Femininity, and Power in the United States, Melissa Alice Canu


Cosmopolitan Magazine: The Male Issue, Ashley Ann Davis

Challenging the Oppression of Motherhood & Preserving Normative Femininity: Women's Agency in the Hot Mom Trend, Alexis Ellyn Kuzma

Theses from 2011


A Forgotten History: The 1930's Student Movement, Leah Melanie Kaplan


Worshipping to Control: The Public Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American Political Right, Aidan Brown O'Shea

Theses from 2010

"Never Underestimate the Power of a Big Gold Frame"*: Deconstructing the Ideological Powers of the Museum and Understanding the Development of the Curatorial Profession, Lauren Ayn Martin