Theses from 2019


Beyond Scared Straight: Shucking and Jiving in a New Age, Janaiya Banks

Keep Up Signifyin(g): Black Boys' Revision, Repetition, and Response to Censored Speech, Quadrese Glass

"No Negro could be a United States Citizen": Black American Citizenship and In-between Spaces in the Works of Sutton Griggs and Frances E.W. Harper, Naji Thompson

Theses from 2014


No Vote, No Freedom: The Black Existential Problematization of Voter ID Laws, Reginald J. Glosson

Theses from 2013


Reclaiming and Asserting Sexual Agency: Black Women in Sadomasochism, Alexandra Uka Agiliga

Theses from 2011


Resisting the Machine: Toward a Theory of Transnational Feminist Anti-Capitalism, Grace Perry