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Wistar Kyoto and Wistar Rats Differ in the Affective and Locomotor Effects of Nicotine
Anthony S. Rauhut, Isaac J. Zentner, Stacy K. Mardekian, and Jason B. Tanenbaum


Review of the Pharmacology and Clinical Profile of Bupropion, an Antidepressant and Tobacco Use Cessation Agent
Linda P. Dwoskin, Anthony S. Rauhut, Kelley A. King-Pospisil, and Michael T. Bardo


Effect of Bupropion on Nicotine Self-Administration in Rats
Anthony S. Rauhut, Nicole Neugebauer, Linda P. Dwoskin, and Michael T. Bardo


Reboxetine: Attenuation of Intravenous Nicotine Self- Administration in Rats
Anthony S. Rauhut, Stephanie N. Mullins, Linda P. Dwoskin, and Michael T. Bardo


Simón Bolívar’s Rome
Elise Bartosik-Vélez


More Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Transformative Theory of Biculturalism
Alexandria L. West, Rui Zhang, Maya Yampolsky, and Joni Y. Sasaki


Effects of Opioid Antagonists on Unconditioned and Conditioned Hyperactivity to Morphine
Anthony S. Rauhut, Brenda J. Gehrke, Scott B. Phillips, and Michael T. Bardo


Renewal of Sucrose-Seeking Behavior in Rats: Role of D2 Dopamine Receptors
Anthony S. Rauhut, Laura Fenton, and Michael T. Bardo


Differential Disease Susceptibilities in Experimentally Reptarenavirus-Infected Boa Constrictors and Ball Pythons
Mark D. Stenglein, David Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, Valentina E. Garcia, Marylee L. Layton, Laura L. Hoon-Hanks, Scott M. Boback, M. Kevin Keel, Tracy Drazenovich, Michelle G. Hawkins, and Joseph L. DeRisi

*Updated as of 08/22/17.