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Bryozoan Epibiosis on Fossil Crabs: A Rare Occurrence From the Miocene of Iran
Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Matúš Hyžný; Erfan Khosravi; Natalia Hudáčková; Ninon Robin; and Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi


Sourcing a Stone Paver from the Colonial St. Inigoes Manor, Maryland
Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Leslie P. Milliman; Michael A. Smolek; and Silas D. Hurry


Challenging Fat Talk: An Experimental Investigation of Reactions to Body Disparaging Conversations
Suman Ambwani, Megan Baumgardner, Cai Guo, Lea Simms, and Emily Abromowitz


The Hubris Hypothesis: The Downside of Comparative Optimism Displays
Vera Hoorens, Carolien Van Damme, Marie Helweg-Larsen, and Constantine Sedikides


Wistar Kyoto and Wistar Rats Differ in the Affective and Locomotor Effects of Nicotine
Anthony S. Rauhut, Isaac J. Zentner, Stacy K. Mardekian, and Jason B. Tanenbaum


Review of the Pharmacology and Clinical Profile of Bupropion, an Antidepressant and Tobacco Use Cessation Agent
Linda P. Dwoskin, Anthony S. Rauhut, Kelley A. King-Pospisil, and Michael T. Bardo


Effect of Bupropion on Nicotine Self-Administration in Rats
Anthony S. Rauhut, Nicole Neugebauer, Linda P. Dwoskin, and Michael T. Bardo

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