Most Recent Additions*


On the Structure of Generalized Symmetric Spaces of SLn (𝔽q)
C. Buell, A. Helminck, V. Klima, Jennifer B. Schaefer, C. Wright, and E. Ziliak


Cultigen Chenopods in the Americas: A Hemispherical Perspective
Gayle J. Fritz, Maria C. Bruno, BrieAnna S. Langlie, Bruce D. Smith, and Logan Kistler


Emergence and Analysis of Kuramoto-Sakaguchi-Like Models as an Effective Description for the Dynamics of Coupled Wien-bridge Oscillators
Lars Q. English, David Mertens, Saidou Abdoulkary, C.B. Fritz, K. Skowronski, and P.G. Kevrekidis


Don Quixote in the Hudson Valley
Siobhan K. Phillips


Manner and Morals
Siobhan K. Phillips


Backlash 9/11
Mehdi Bozorgmehr


A Mosque Near Ground Zero? A Panel Discussion
David Commins, Michelle Boorstein, Hussein Ibish, and Erik Love


Power, Desire, and Pleasure in Sexual Fantasies
Eileen L. Zurbriggen and Megan R. Yost

*Updated as of 06/28/17.