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Key Differences Between Lakes and Reservoirs Modify Climate Signals: A Case for a New Conceptual Model
Nicole M. Hayes, Bridget R. Deemer, Jessica R. Corman, N. Roxanna Razavi, and Kristin E. Strock


The Fall of Lisa Bellow
Susan Perabo


Challenging the ‘Offshore Hypothesis’ for Fossiliferous Chert Artefacts in Southwestern Australia and Consideration of Inland Trade Routes
Michael J. O'Leary; Ingrid Ward; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Mackenze S. Burkhart; Chris Rawson; and Noreen Evans


Pretreatment For Removal of Organic Material Is Not Necessary For X-Ray-Diffraction Determination of Mineralogy In Temperate Skeletal Carbonate
Abigail M. Smith; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Zoe E. Henderson; V. Christine Davis; and David J. Winter


Border Angels and AMIREDIS: The Sad Face of Undocumented Immigration
Hugo Castro and José Luis Hernandez Cruz


Community Responses to Anti-Muslim Hatred
Joyce Davis, Samia Malik, Ikram Rabbani, and Ann M. Van Dyke


Your Body is Not an Apology
Sonya Renee Taylor


Reproductive Rights: Religion, Ethics, and the Law
Kathryn Ellis, David O'Connell, and Katie Oliviero


Interview with Kate Martin
Kate Martin and Virginia Cady

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