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Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (Squamata: Teiidae) on Cayo Cochino Pequeño, Honduras: Extent of Island Occupancy, Natural History, and Conservation Status
Chad E. Montgomery, Scott M. Boback, Stephen E. W. Green, Mark A. Paulissen, and James M. Walker


Enabling the Great Goan Land Grab
Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Heather Plumridge Bedi, and Solano Da Silva


Snake Constriction Rapidly Induces Circulatory Arrest in Rats
Scott M. Boback, Katelyn J. McCann, Kevin A. Wood, Patrick M. McNeal, Emmett L. Blankenship, and Charles F. Zwemer


Carotenoid Composition of Colorful Body Stripes and Patches in the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) and Red-Eared Slider (Trachemys scripta)
John E. Steffen, Kyle M. Learn, Jonathan S. Drumheller, Scott M. Boback, and Kevin J. McGraw


Snake Modulates Constriction in Response to Prey's Heartbeat
Scott M. Boback, Allison E. Hall, Katelyn J. McCann, Amanda W. Hayes, Jeffrey S. Forrester, and Charles F. Zwemer


Spatial Dynamics of Body Size Frequency Distributions for North American Squamates
Christian L. Cox, Scott M. Boback, and Craig Guyer


Phylogeographic and Population Genetic Analyses Reveal Multiple Species of Boa and Independent Origins of Insular Dwarfism
Daren C. Card, Drew R. Schield, Richard H. Adams, Andrew B. Corbin, Blair W. Perry, Audra L. Andrew, Giulia I.M. Pasquesi, Eric N. Smith, Tereza Jezkova, Scott M. Boback, Warren Booth, and Todd A. Castoe


A Year in La Dolce Vita Rome
Luca Lanzilotta


Don't Knock the Aztecs
Todd Bryant

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