Publications from 2017

There Is No Theory of Everything, Lars Q. English

Publications from 2016

Envelope Solitons in a Left-Handed Nonlinear Transmission Line with Josephson Junction, Saidou Abdoulkary, Lars Q. English, and Alidou Mohamadou


Emergence and Analysis of Kuramoto-Sakaguchi-Like Models as an Effective Description for the Dynamics of Coupled Wien-bridge Oscillators, Lars Q. English, David Mertens, Saidou Abdoulkary, C.B. Fritz, K. Skowronski, and P.G. Kevrekidis


Multifrequency and Edge Breathers in the Discrete sine-Gordon System via Subharmonic Driving: Theory, Computation and Experiment, F. Palmero, J. Han, Lars Q. English, T.J. Alexander, and P.G. Kevrekidis

Publications from 2015


Experimental Study of Synchronization of Coupled Electrical Self-Oscillators and Comparison to the Sakaguchi-Kuramoto Model, Lars Q. English, Zhuwei Zeng, and David Mertens


Hurricane Balls: A Rigid-Body-Motion Project for Undergraduates, David P. Jackson, David Mertens, and Brett J. Pearson

Publications from 2014


Synchronization in Phase-Coupled Kuramoto Oscillator Networks with Axonal Delay and Synaptic Plasticity, L. Timms and Lars Q. English