Publications from 2017

"Herr Professor, Please: We'd Rather Stay in Asia": Ali Khan Shirvanshir and the Spaces of Baku, Kamaal Haque

The Dynamic Polarity of Romantic Light, Antje Pfannkuchen

Writing Polarities: Romanticism and the Dynamic Unity of Poetry and Science, Antje Pfannkuchen and Leif Weatherby

Publications from 2016


A Matter of Visibility—G. Chr. Lichtenberg's Art and Science of Observation, Antje Pfannkuchen

Publications from 2015

"Damals gingen die Schnulzen eben gut:" Luis Trenker and the Heimatfilm, Kamaal Haque

Books from 2014

World War I: The Causes, Kamaal Haque, Craig Nation, Michael Neiberg, and Karl D. Qualls