Theses from 2015

Fees and Fairness: Medicaid Reimbursements and Patient Outcomes, Jason Allen Gates

Gender and the Great Recession: A Critical Look at the Causes, Outcomes, and Policy Responses, Johnathan Titus Jones

Theses from 2014

Risk-Based IPO Underpricing in the U.S. Post-Dotcom Era: Evidence From Asymmetric Information & Uncertainty in the Pre-IPO Process, Nolan Alexander Funchion

Theses from 2012


Education from a Gender and Development Perspective in India and Republic of Korea, Misha Garg

Comparative Analysis of Modern Recessions: Explaining the Less-Than-Great Recovery from the Great Recession, Jenna Wrae Long

Department of Defense Investments in Sustainable Energy Technologies: Reducing Total Energy Costs and Creating Potential Civilian Applications, Devin Philip Quinn